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March 3, 2015

Winnebago Escape:Three Merry Widows Follow the Sun Part 1

This is a copy of the interview with my mother, aunt and grandmother in Driving magazine in 1974. The interview was called Winnebago Escape: Three Merry Widows Follow the Sun

Because it is Women's History Month I wanted to share with my readers the story of these adventurous women in my life.  

It’s the stuff dreams are made of. Sell  your house and possessions buy a motor home and spend the rest of your days following the sun.  So many of us talk about it, but sadly never get beyond the dreams.But three people set their sights on such a goal and through determination and staying power, succeeded where most fail. 

Who are they? Three adventuresome widows.  And they’re not young either.  Their ages range from 58  to 82.  At this stage in life, all too many of us would probably be content to rock our hours away on the front stoop of our home. And in winter we’d probably spend the days complaining about our arthritis, afraid to walk to the local store for fear of slipping on an icy sidewalk.  In the meantime the merry widows of this article will be gallivanting around the southern parts of the United States, soaking up all the glorious sunshine.

Joan McGinnis, Lillian Bonar and Ruth Bates made their decision about two years ago.  All three had lost their husbands sometime earlier and thought hey had a steady monthly income, none were wealthy – not by a longshot.  Nevertheless through careful planning and tight budgeting they felt they could make a go of it in a mobile motor home.  Having sold their respective homes and disposed of their furniture,  the three purchased a 20 foot Winnebago and moved in.  Wisely they decided to live in the unit for a number  of months before venturing out onto  the highway.

Mother Drives, Lily Cooks
Anyone  contemplating a similar move would be wise to follow their example as it’s simply amazing how many things can go wrong at first.  Invariably these occur miles from the nearest help putting a damper on the  good times.  During their period of adjustment they modified a few  things in the Winnbago to suit their lifestyles, namely the closets, but for the most part found that few alterations had to be made either to the unit or to their way of life.

The day of their departure, they had made  no advance bookings, whatsoever, in fact they hadn’t even mapped out an agenda.  Why? Because they didn’t to be burdened by silly schedules.  When they became tired hey planned to stop.  If they saw a pretty place, they’d simply pull over  None of this crashing at breakneck speed simply to  comply with an arbitrary schedule.

Part 1 of 3

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Dana Leeds said...

I was interested in reading this article after you posted about it. I'm glad you are sharing it! Sounds like they are ready for an adventure!