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August 29, 2015

Book Giveaway! The History of Grenfell Saskatchewan

Good morning everyone! I have been de-cluttering my home for a few days now and came across two books I no longer want. This book is called

Grit Growth: The Story of Grenfell
author:A.I. Yule
Published by Grenfell Historical Committee 1980

There is a handwritten family tree inside for REEVE, Elliin/Ellim? Farms, Grenfell Saskatchewan starts with Charles Reeve born 1880 Birmingham England
This book is 347 pages with an index and is in very good condition.

There is a handwritten inscription "To Cousin Millicent with love from Olive Gay and all cousins at Grenfell Saskatchewan. March 1981" (Millicent was Millicent Lynn, mother of the Mayor of Midland Ontario)

Here's the deal - I'm giving this book away FREE. Yep that's right. The first person to contact me at olivetreegenealogyATgmailDOTcom will be the lucky recipient. 

All I ask is that you agree to pay for shipping but a caveat is that sending mail from Canada is expensive. Using Canada Post online I estimate this book will cost about $17.00 to ship. I will need your postal or zip code to calculate a more accurate cost.

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T said...

Anxiously awaiting for you to find something on my family! It would be that needle in a haystack but someone has to own that haystack. Maybe you!