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February 22, 2021

Excited to be a Guest on Mildly Eccentric and Imminently Wise Podcast


And now for something completely different! 

My niece April Ann McGinnis has started a new Podcast series called "Mildly Eccentric and Imminently Wise"

April explains the purpose of her new series

"Living a badass life at any age got me thinking.What does it take? I believe you have to think creatively and allow yourself to NOT conform! I also believe that we never know everything we want to know, or even think we know! So imminently wise seemed appropriate since we have been around a few years, or decades, and have learned a lot but we are still on a journey towards knowledge and wisdom."

I was honoured to be April's first guest on this series. Part 1 of my episode is called Internet Pioneer Lorine McGinnis Schulze is In the House!

Part 2 of my story is also online.

This is going to be a fascinating series designed to empower women and I'm looking forward to listening to other stories.

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