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October 5, 2004

One World Tree - The Real Story

What is OneWorldTree?

More than 100 million names!'s new OneWorldTree SM database is one of the largest family tree resources on the web. It's a timesaving resource that draws on decades' worth of family history research. One name match could add entire branches to your family tree instantly.

Is Ancestry charging for user submissions?

NO! Ancestry user submitted records are still free. OWT searches those records plus pay-to-view databases on and gives you the best matches possible. Ancestry will NOT begin selling the gedcoms and family trees that have been submitted to Ancestry World Tree and RootsWeb WorldConnect. The confusion is in the similarity of names - AWT (AncestryWorldTree) versus OWT (OneWorldTree)

How does it work?

OneWorldTree searches thousands of family tree. It gives you information about people and family relationships. You have access to many years worth of research. Be one of the first to use's newest technology to save you time and extra research.

Tell Me More!
Ancestry OneWorldTree is an intelligent search engine that links Ancestry records to family trees through a process Ancestry calls stitching. Ancestry is currently stitching the 1930 census and building trees from the relationship information found there. Ancestry will eventually stitch all of its records including census and vital records, grouping sources by individual. more at