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July 10, 2005 & Steve Morse's One-Step Search Engines

Message from Steve Morse of One-Step Search Engines: is offline for good. Their server used to crash at times, but you could always get to their search form although you couldn't do a search. Now you can't even get to their search form -- you get a page-not-found error instead. And when you go to their partner site,, you get a message saying that their domain registration has expired.

That means that my one-step form which obtains its data from no longer works. But the good news is that I've found another source for the birthday data and created a one-step form for it. You can find that one-step form in the Births and Deaths section of my homepage.

There are two links for birthday forms there -- one to the now-defunct and the other that uses this new source.

The bad news is that this new source requires the full first and last name. Partial names are not permitted and the first name is no longer optional. So it's no longer
possible to find potential relatives by searching for everyone having your surname.