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March 30, 2009

Randy's Choice of BEST new genealogy blog for 2009

Randy Seaver, blogger extraordinaire of starts his blog post today with

I'm going to start highlighting genealogy blogs that add significant value to the genea-blogosphere. This may be a regular weekly feature at Genea-Musings!

I want to start the series by mentioning the absolute BEST new genealogy blog for 2009, in my humble opinion. There are quite a few new blogs, but this one, in my book, is number one.
Read Randy's post to find out what Blog he has chosen as Best New Genealogy Blog of 2009

At the risk of spoiling Randy's article, I have to add that I am very honoured and delighted by Randy's pick! (That was a huge hint but please read Randy's blog post)


geneabloggers said...

Congratulations! Like all your blogs and websites this one is a keeper! I love the format and I've found the information very helpful.

Anonymous said...


With all due respect. The genealogical pickings must be pretty bad when the bloggers start blogging about each other.

Randy blogs about you. You blog about Randy. I wonder how many other bloggers will pick up on this and blog about this.

The only thing worse is someone like me who complains about bloggers blogging about other bloggers :) :) :)

2009MR31 16:00 Sydney

Judith Richards Shubert said...

I did read Randy's post yesterday and stepped over to say "Congratulations!" I enjoy your site, as well, and routinely find very useful information here.

Ignore Larry! He must not have had anything else to do when he started picking on us geneabloggers!

Genealogy Blogger said...

Thanks Judith!

Genealogy Blogger said...

Hi Larry, Sharing information about posts that other blogs write is, in my opinion, a valid and valuable thing to do. So yes, I talked about Randy's post, and would have done so whether or not it concerned me. I guess all you can do is skip the posts you don't like :-)