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June 30, 2009

Form 30A, 1919-1924 Canadian Ships Passenger Lists

Form 30A, 1919-1924

From June 1, 1921 to December 31, 1924, individual manifests had to be completed and submitted to the immigration officers at the ports of arrival, instead of the large sheet passenger list manifests previously in use.

A form had to be submitted for each passenger, including children, except those in transit to the United States. This means that passengers proceeding directly to USA destinations from Canadian ports during 1919-1924, will not appear on a Form
30A record. Because some immigration offices did continue using the big sheet manifests during Form 30A period, you might find USA destined passengers, but the
St. Albans Lists are a better source of information for these USA destined passengers.

Form 30A was discontinued as of January 1, 1925. At that time the use of large sheet manifests was reinstated.Each Form 30A usually included the following details:

•name of ship;
•date of sailing;
•port and date of arrival;
•destination; and
•name of the nearest relative in the country from which the immigrant came.

See a list of questions on Form 30A

In the earlier version of Form 30A used in 1919, the names of accompanying dependents were usually included with the head-of-household, not on separate forms.

Some immigration offices were using Form 30A as early as 1919, while some offices continued to use the sheet manifests as late as 1922. From 1919 to 1922, a passenger's name might appear in one or both series.

If you cannot find a reference to your ancestor in Forms 30A, try searching the passenger lists for that period.

More about Form 30A at Library and Archives Canada

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