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January 8, 2011

Shoemaker's Ledger, Lunenburg Nova Scotia

Entries Jan 1-8, 1897-1919

Several years ago I purchased an account book kept by a local shoemaker living in or near the communities of CrossCreek and Ritsey's Cove, Lunenburg Nova Scotia. There are no identifying notations to tell me who the shoemaker was, so I researched the names of his customers found in the book. I found them all living in CrossCreek and Ritsey's Cove so I assume the shoemaker lived nearby.

The entries I read date from 1897 to 1919. There may be some earlier or later - they are not in date order. Whoever kept the account book decided to keep track of money owed and paid by family. Each family has its own page (or pages) and shoe repairs and purchases are noted throughout the years the family used the service.

The shoemaker's ledger book is 17x7 inches and there are 212 pages covering 22 years. For the month of January, all years, I extracted 284 entries.

This begins January with Jan. 1-8th entries, all years:

Jan-07 1897 James Risser 1 boot soled healed for Alton 25c

Jan-08 1897 Daniel Zink of James pair shoes soled healed 75 cents

Jan-08 1897 Daniel Zink of Lewis pair boots soled healed 75 cents

Jan-08 1898 Daniel Zink of James pair shoes patched - Mrs 10c

Jan-08 1898 Willie Conrad pair boots soled healed 75c

Jan-08 1898 Chemanna Winter's pair boots repaired - Stella 40 c

Jan-08 1898 Reuben Smith pair boots - Maggie $1.75

Jan-07 1899 Daniel Zink of Lewis 1 boot repaired for Charlie 20c

Jan-08 1899 John Whinter's pair boots repaired 55c

Jan-08 1900 Daniel Zink of John pair shoes soled -Mrs. 35c

Jan-08 1900 Daniel Zink of Lewis pair shoes soled healed patched 80c

Jan-08 1901 Daniel Zink of John pair boots soled patched 75c

Jan-08 1901 James Risser 1 boot repaired - Alton 30 c

Jan-07 1910 Elex Smith pair shoes soled healed - girl 40c

Jan-07 1910 Henry Creeser, carpenter pair shoes soled healed 75c

Jan-07 1910 Solomon Creeser pair shoes soled healed - Mrs. 50c

Jan-08 1910 Israel Ritcey pair shoes soled -Gennie [sic] 40c

Jan-06 1911 Solomon Creeser shoe patched - Carl 15c

Jan-06 1912 John Smith pair shoes healed - Murry 15c

Jan-06 1913 Benjiman Wentzel pair boots soled healed 80c

Jan-06 1913 George Creaser pair shoes soled healed - Mrs. 75c

Jan-07 1913 Eli Mosher pair shoes soled healed - Harrold 75c

Jan-08 1913 Edward Creaser Est pair shoes soled healed - Birtie 60c

Jan-08 1913 Freeman Himmelman piece sole Leather 4 12/ lbs $1.35

Jan-06 1914 Samuel Ritcey repairing harness 15c

Jan-06 1914 Solomon Creaser pair shoes heeled - Mrs. 15c

Jan-07 1914 Charles Ritcey 1 shoe patched - Harry 10c

Jan-07 1914 Samuel Ritcey pair shoes soled heeled - Elsworth 90c

Jan-08 1915 Enas Smith pair shoes rubber heeled - Emly 40c

Jan-06 1916 Harry Godley pair shoes soled heeled - Alma 50c

Jan-06 1916 Harry Godley pair boots repaired - Kenneth $1.00

Jan-08 1916 Edward Creaser Est pair shoes repaired - Lewis 15c

Jan-06 1917 Hector Mossman pair shoes repaired $1.35

Jan-08 1917 Simon Walter Mrs pair shoes soled healed 70c

Jan-08 1918 Harry Godley pair shoes repaired - Alma 10c

Jan-08 1919 Howard Conrad pair boots soled heeled - Ralph $1.50

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