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April 15, 2011

DNA Day - Big Sale on DNA Testing

It's DNA Day and FamilyTreeDNA is having a sale. So earlier today I upgraded my brother's Y-DNA test from 37 to 67 markers, saving $20.00. Then I got a little crazy and ordered the new FamilyFinder test for his DNA. That was on sale too :-)

I'm looking forward to seeing what the new tests and upgrades reveal and will blog about it here. I've never blogged about the results of his original DNA test so that's also in the line-up. DNA is a wild and crazy thing to try to understand and I'm still in Kindergarten but I'll pass on everything I learned about my brother's paternal DNA test and results in a future blog post. Paternal DNA follows the male lineage and can only be tested on a male in the direct line. So to test my McGINNIS origins I had to get my brother to give up some spit.

Then I took the plunge and ordered my own kit to test my MtDNA. This means I'm testing my mother, her mother, her mother's mother and so on up the maternal line. I'm really curious about this as I know that maternal line back  to late 1700s in Kent England -

My mom Joan
My Grandma Ruth (Joan's mom) (from here back all were born in Kent England)
My Great Grandma Sarah Stead
My 2x Great Grandma Sarah Elvery
My 3x Great Grandma Hannah Elvery (she married a cousin with the same surname)
My 4x Great Grandma Mary Ansell

I'm not sure what the test will tell me so I'll post about my journey as it happens!

There are many companies selling DNA kits and it's a personal choice as to which one you use. But to
take advantage of FamilyTreeDNA promotional prices use the coupon code: DNADAY2011

The coupon code  expires today ( Friday April 15)  at midnight (CT).


Geniaus said...

Lorine, I dipped my toe into the DNA pool for the first time today with FamilyTree DNA as well. I'll look forward to reading about your discoveries

PalmsRV said...

I signed my brother up for the DNA testing today. Been waiting for a sale.