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August 3, 2011

Update: FamilySearch YouTube Channel

Olive Tree Genealogy received an intriguing email early this morning from FamilySearch. Here's what they said

We're pleased to announce the launch of our updated FamilySearch YouTube channel, Thursday, Aug. 4th. Over the past few months, we have been creating video content to reach a variety of audiences throughout the genealogy world.

The playlists includes:

Genealogy in 5 Minutes – a 24-episode series offering an overview of how-to’s, best practices, and helpful hints for doing genealogy.
Woven Generations – an inspirational series about the benefits and success stories of genealogy work.
Genealogy Fun – a fun video series highlighting the lighter side of genealogy.
Societies and Archives – a video series highlighting genealogical societies & archives.
Genealogy News & Events – What’s going on the genealogy world?
Family History: Getting Started – a training video series for using FamilySearch.
“How-to’s” from the Experts – a series of interview clips with best practices for finding your ancestors.
It sounded interesting so I watched Episode One of Genealogy in 5 Minutes. I was impressed. The video was well done and explained clearly how a person can take the first step in beginning their genealogy search.

I'm subscribed to this YouTube Channel and look forward to watching more of the videos and any new ones that are put online.

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