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August 16, 2011

Webinar: Google+ the Next Big Thing

Did you miss yesterday's Webinar "Google+ The Next Big Thing"? Paul Allen, Dan Lynch and Mark Olsen gave a very good overview and explanation of Google+ :  streams, circles, hangouts, sparks and more.

Olive Tree Genealogy was one of the guests invited by Mark Olsen to appear in his segment about Hangouts on Google+.  It was an interesting experience. Mark's an expert at Hangouts and while I've been to many (including some of  his) this one was different.

If you missed the Webinar you can watch it for the next 10 days at

Google+ the Next Big Thing. Join these three leaders in Google technology as they get together to put on what we think will be one of the best webinars ever. Learn about Circles, Hangouts, Streams, Sparks and more.

Paul Allen, the Founder of and has quickly become known as the unofficial Google+ Statistician. His expert use of posting in Google+ features, stats and using his own insider tricks have helped to make a huge impact on the initial success of Google+. Those who are part of Paul's Circles have already benefited from his expertise. Paul's fame has quickly grown and he currently has more than 22,000 followers on Google+.

Dan Lynch, a.k.a. "Mr. Google" is a technology marketing consultant, professional genealogist, and popular international speaker. One of the first to recognize Google's strengths for family history research, Dan authored the award-winning book Google Your Family Tree Unlock the Hidden Power of Google , and is already helping the genealogical community understand the benefit of Google+ (see his blog at

Mark Olsen, is the Marketing Manager for and holds a degree in genealogy. Mark is another famous name on Google+ as he is currently hosting the longest ever Google Hangout, nearly one month of a continual hangout. Mark is one of the leading experts on Google+ Hangouts and has been learning how to better connect families and genealogists around the world. His current Hangout has been receiving a lot of positive press and has had visits from many well-known industry leaders.


OnlineGenGuy said...

Lorine -

Thanks for joining us. Sorry we were not able to spend time talking to you one on one - I hope to fix that in upcoming events - isolating the sounds in such as way as to provide full audio. I will be testing and working on this. The reason we have not yet done this is that the hangouts with up to ten people's audio and some incoming and outgoing notification sounds can be overwhelming. Though this way is not as full of an experience - trust me the echos that can get going in the hangouts can be very troublesome.

Simon Mal said...

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