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December 2, 2011

December Genealogy Challenge!

Olive Tree Genealogy's Challenge for November was to give 15 minutes of your time to photograph a local cemetery, then send the photos to me to put online for all genealogists to see.

November Genealogy Challenge Met

I am very pleased to announce that the November Challenge was met by several researchers! The following genealogists took 15 minutes, some took much more, and submitted cemeteries for a Cemetery Walk video:

Denise Coughlin

Bobby Remelius

Sheri Fenley

Jenna Campbell

Cheryl Cayemberg

The cemeteries they submitted are being converted to Cemetery Walk Videos and I am uploading them to Olive Tree Genealogy YouTube Channel as I complete them. A huge thank you to those who accepted my November (and in Bobby's case, the October!) Genealogy Challenge

December Genealogy Challenge: Bring Back a Family Tradition

Now for December - are you ready to accept a new Genealogy Challenge? Since December is traditionally a special holiday season (Christmas, Hanukkah, and so on) my challenge to you is to recreate a special holiday tradition from your childhood.

Every Christmas my dad would buy a huge assortment of nuts - a very special treat. He'd place them in a big bowl by his chair along with his metal nutcracker and pick (which I still have). It was a much anticipated treat and this year I'm going to repeat it.

When my grandchildren and children come to visit, I'll talk to them about my dad and how much we all looked forward to sitting in the living room cracking open our favourite nuts (mine were brazil nuts!). Mind you I can't participate in the eating since I'm allergic to nuts but I can still enjoy the time together.

Some other ideas are to string popcorn to make a garland - did your family do this? How about making a special dish that your mom or grandmother made for a holiday dinner? Did you have a special book or story that you read every Christmas Eve? I'm sure you can think of something special in your family that you can introduce your children or grandchildren to.


Jill Ball said...

I didn't completely fail your November challenge. I went and photographed a local cemetery and uploaded to BillionGraves for the first timt.

Have put thinking cap on for a tradition to revive.

Genealogy Blogger said...

Jill, that's great. I figured there would be genealogists who had indeed met the November challenge and chose to upload to Billion Graves or FindAGrave.

All I hoped was that folks would get those cemetery photos online - somewhere, anywhere!

But of course I had no way of knowing who accepted and met the challenge if they didn't send the pictures to me :-)

I am SO glad you did! Regarding reviving a tradition, hubs and I went out today and bought a big bag of nuts! Next to find my big wooden bowl to put them in and my dad's nutcrackers. Hubs bought new nutcrackers just in case my dad's don't work anymore

genealogy-by-computer-society said...

There was a cemetery walk in the Wakeman Cemetery in Waterville, Ohio on October 9, 2011. There are 25 Pioneers and Patriots buried in the cemetery. They fought in the War of 1812 and the Civil War. The walk was sponsored by The Greater Toled Civil War Round Table and The Waterville Historical Society.

Cheryl Cayemberg said...

I've recreated the Holiday "treat" table my parents used to do, but your post reminded me that I forgot nuts! Must get some! I also don't have that awful ribbon candy they would put out and no one would eat. I think I saw some at the dollar store though... :)