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December 1, 2011

All I Want For Christmas: A Genealogist's Baker's Dozen Wish List

What do Genealogists want for Christmas? I bet many of you want the same items I want! So here's my Baker's Dozen Wish List.

Print it and leave it lying around for your spouse or children to find. Pass it on to friends and family so they know what you'd like.
Flip-Pal Mobile Scanner
1. World Subscription (or any other genealogy subscription-based site you like)

2. Flip-Pal Mobile Scanner to take to Archives, Libraries and on field trips

3. Echo Smart Pen by Live Scribe for recording Family Stories and Memories

4. iPad 2 for taking to Archives, Libraries, on field trips and conferences

iPhone 4S with Lime Green Bumper Guard
5. iPhone 4S so you can use Siri to quickly and easily add all those wonderful genealogy conferences, Webinars, Blog Talk Radio and more to your Calendar (which syncs to all your apple devices through the iCloud) Never miss a genealogy event again

6. DNA Test Kit from Family Tree DNA (or any other DNA Testing company you prefer)
7. RootsTech Registration. Ask your loved one to register you for RootsTech 2012 coming up in February 2012

8. A Kindle, Nook or other e-reader so you can purchase genealogy books and read them in airports, waiting rooms, on the beach or pretty much anywhere

My Iona Journal
9.  A subscription to the Genealogy Magazine of your choice. I'd like Family Tree Magazine, but the one you drool over could be very different

10. Jawbone JAMBOX This tiny powerful speaker allows you to connect via bluetooth to any other bluetooth enabled device (laptop, computer, iPhone, iPad etc) and play your favourite podcasts or listen to any audio with much better quality sound. I have one and I love it.

11. A beautiful journal for writing your own memoirs. I love Iona Handcrafted Books and have asked my hubby to buy me another one this Christmas as I'm on my last one. Tip: If the checkout won't accept a non-USA order, just email or phone as they do accept international orders.

12.  A Shutterfly gift certificate  I love Shutterfly for creating family photo books or calendars. It's also great for simply getting copies of your family photos so you can share them with family members

13. And in blatant self-promotion, how about asking for one of the genealogy and history books I have written and published?

And there you have it - my Baker's Dozen Genealogy Wish List for this Christmas. 


NoOceanInKansas said...

I love all these things! A couple of them I have, but these are some great ideas! Merry Christmas!

Celia said...

Ditto, ditto, ditto.... Love them all! So I've put them on my Christmas List to my kids... But since they're all adults with little kids, I suspect the grandchildren and their wants/needs top mine. Sigh. Merry Christmas, indeed!

Genealogy Blogger said...

Celia, I hear ya!

The only hope I have of getting a few of my wish list items is my husband. But I gave up yeterday and ordered 2 more of my favourite Iona handcrafted journals.

Yes I bought my own Christmas gift!

Last year I told him I wanted Jambox and he thought I meant an old-fashioned box to keep jam in! So I gave him the link to the website and he ordered me one :-)