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January 24, 2012

Pinterest - Oh No, Another Addictive Distraction!

A few days ago I dipped my genealogy toe into the waters of Pinterest.

I'd heard about Pinterest over the past year from many Facebook friends but never ventured into it, thinking it would just be a waste of time. How wrong could I be?

Pinterest is the bomb. I'm loving it!
It's a way of bookmarking sites and objects you like or things you want to try.

Part of my Genealogy Board on Pinterest
You set up Boards by topics - big surprise I have a Board called Genealogy. Then you Pin an object or website to your board.

It's so easy - you download the Pin button addon to your web browser. Then when you are on a website you like you hit that Pin button and a choice of images pops up. Choose the image you want to represent what you've chosen and add it to your board

Another part of my Pinterest Genealogy Board

The URL of the website is automatically given so anyone looking at your board or following your board can click through to learn or see more! 

The cool thing is that now you have a handy reference of things you might want to look at again, or try out, or read about. I found some really innovative family tree ideas (you can see some on the left) so I pinned them to my board. Now I can think about creating some of my own that are similar.

I also created a board for Recipes and Antiques and more things that I like. Pinterest is a social media site in that you need to engage with others on Pinterest, either by following their boards or repinning something they pinned or liking or commenting on something they pinned.

Follow Me on Pinterest A look around Pinterest gave me so many great ideas for genealogy, antiquing and cooking that I spent an entire day on it yesterday! I found many others interested in genealogy so naturally I followed all of them.

I have now begun following individual boards rather than blindly following all the boards that one person created. I don't care about seeing a board on Scuba Diving for example.

Interested? Check out my Pinterest page at

Want to follow me or my genealogy board? Just click on the "Follow me on Pinterest" logo above. Warning: Pinterest is addictive! If you want to get a page quickly, drop me an email with your email address and I'll send you an invite. Send your note to olivetreegenealogy @ (no spaces)


Carole said...

Well I've just requested a log on, so if I spend even more time online now I know who to blame this one on!

Olive Tree Genealogy said...

Carole - send me your email and I'll invite you. Otherwise it takes several days for acceptance! And you can blame me definitely :-)

Ruth said...

Thanks for posting about Pinterest. I have an invite but didn't really know what to do with it. You have given me some great ideas!

Ruth Stephens
Ruth's Genealogy

Louise Wilson Bernero said...

I had an invite several weeks ago and joined but had not really checked it out.......didn't think I had time. Oh!My!....checked it out yesterday. Feel the it...was on there til 1:30am this morning!!!

USNchic said...

Oh! I must follow your genealogy board! I was just searching Pinterest for genealogy stuff the other day and didn't find much of interest. It was really addicting at first, but after a while I was just seeing the same stuff over and over again so it was easy to only use it in moderation.

Carole said...

Lorine, thanks but I'm in now and have just spent the last hour pinning stuff instead of watching a programme I came downstairs to watch!

It's brilliant, especially as I'm trying to organise my wedding and I blame thee entirely