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November 30, 2012

Original Historic Newspapers Make Great Gifts!

Recently I was sent two original newspapers from Historic Newspapers UK. This company sells genuine original newspapers dating back as far as the 1800’s. 

These are sourced from the world’s largest private archive of over 7 million editions from all over the world. To date UK titles have been catalogued as far back as 1900 by date and title, there are also lots of US and regional issues, as well as many from the Victorian era.  

I admit that when the company first approached me and offered to send me two (free) original newspapers, I was a bit skeptical. First, why would I want them? And were they actually originals or were they copies? 

Nevertheless I agreed and chose two specific dates and newspapers:

15 May 1912 (my father's birthday) from The Times or Daily Mirror

29 May 1913 (grandparents set sail for Canada from UK) from The Times or Daily Mirror 

The company informed me that there were very few original issues for 15 May 1912 due to it following the Titantic disaster. They offered another date or a quality reproduction of that May 15th issue. I opted for the reproduction since I wanted it to be the paper from the day my father was born.

When the box arrived at my door I was pleasantly surprised! The presentation box is lovely -  a nice blue box with "A Day to Remember" printed on the lid.

 Inside were the newspapers, carefully wrapped in tissue. Each newspaper came with a seal of authenticity including the information I submitted online to be printed on the seal. The certificate for my reproduction paper stated very clearly that it was not an original. 

Quality Reproduction Newpaper 1912
 This is the front page of the 1912 newspaper which the company reproduced for me. I'm quite happy with the quality.

 I love being able to see the headlines on the day my father was born!
Original Newspaper 1913
 This is the front page of the original newspaper I ordered for 1913 - the day my grandparents left England for Canada.

It is really interesting reading through it, and quite obviously an original. It has yellowed slightly and even has a slight "old" smell! I am quite impressed with these newspapers and think they would make wonderful gifts.

I'm planning to give mine to my sons at some point. I think they will really enjoy them.
Disclaimer: Historic Newspapers offered me two free original newspapers in exchange for a link to their site. I was not paid for this review nor was I told what to say. The opinions are entirely my own. 


Rorey Cathcart said...

What an interesting idea. I'll have to check them out to see if they might have papers of interest in my family research (US).

Seems like a few key dates would be really fun to have.

Thanks for the post

Celia Lewis said...

Those are lovely, Lorine. I may look into this after all! Great momentos for the family history box. Thanks for posting about this opportunity.

Peg said...

I loved your idea of getting an issue from the day my great-grandmother sailed to Canada with my grandmother and his siblings in 1911. The cost (about $50 US) and shipping to the US (about $25 US)is steep, though. I love old newspapers, so I bit. I am hoping for some topical ads or maybe the Ausonia sailing notice to photocopy.

Peg said...
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Peg said...
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