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December 5, 2012

Finding Photos and Yearbooks for Ancestors Schools

Tytler Public School ca 1912
Recently my 89 year old auntie was able to give me more details about my mother (her sister) and father and their parents.

It may sound strange but I was thrilled to learn that my dad went to Tytler Public School in Guelph Ontario. This school was built in 1879 and originally called St. Patrick's Ward School.

Apparently my auntie's husband also went to Tytler and so did her other sister's husband. It looks like they all lived close to each other at some point.

Victory Public School present day
My mom on the other hand attended Victory P.S. in Guelph. I haven't yet found an older photo of this school but I'm on the hunt! I also have my eye out on E-Bay for any old postcards with the images of these two schools.

After learning that my mom went to Victory Public School I emailed the current principal who invited me to come and have a look at some old photos of staff and students from the 1920s - which is the time period my mom would have been there.

G.C.V.I 1927
Both my parents went to a secondary school called  Guelph Collegiate Vocational Institute (GCVI) in the 1930s. Luckily I found two old GCVI yearbooks on E-Bay and also consulted some older yearbooks at the Guelph Civic Museum where my parents were mentioned.

It's pretty exciting to see your mom or dad's name in a yearbook! I'd love it if there had been a photo or two but that's typical of a genealogist isn't it? Always wanting more!

And a small link to fame perhaps? John McCrae, the author of In Flanders Fields, also attended G.C.V. I. 


AliceinWonderbra said...

I had looked for old photos online but hadn't thought about contacting the school itself! What a good idea.

Rorey Cathcart said...

I was fortunate to find one yearbook for my father-in-law and one for a client.

They can be great little context builders. Like knowing my FIL's nickname was 'Cutie'.

For my client, the yearbook included a memorial and photo the year her grand-uncle passed from a tragic accident.

I'm with you though, I sure would love for there to be more - and more pictures!