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March 4, 2013

Evernote Security Issue - Reset Your Password

Evernote Hacked: 50 million user passwords reset
For those who, like me, couldn't get into their Evernote account over the weekend, Evernote reset all users' passwords. The site was compromised by hackers so as a security precaution, Evernote reset passwords. To log back into your account you will need to reset your password at the Evernote site.

The company said it has seen no evidence that any customer data had been tampered with or that any payment information had been compromised.

Evernote did send emails to all their users but mine went into my SPAM folder (thanks gmail!) so I didn't realize until I tried to use my account. When you reset your password, make it a good one that will be more difficult to break when it's encrypted by Evernote. I suggest using 14 characters made up of a mix of letters and numbers and special characters.

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