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March 5, 2013

Send a Postcard from Canada

Send a postcard from Canada
My daughter-in-law forwarded this message to me and I thought it was a pretty interesting project so I participated. All it involved was a postcard of something in my area and a short note on the back.

Even though the class is studying Canadian Geography I turned it into a history lesson by telling them about Ste. Marie Among the Hurons, which was the first European settlement in what is now Ontario Canada.

Here's the information if you want to join in this project. And yes, I checked the Henderson Elementary School out on line and it appears to be a legitimate request.
For Canadians:

There is a 3rd & 4th grade class from Dauphin, Manitoba that are learning about the Geography of Canada. They would love it if you could send them a postcard from where you are from ASAP. They request that you write some interesting facts about your community and what being a Canadian citizen means to you on the back.

Here's their address:

Mr. H's Grade 3/4 Class
Henderson Elementary School
911 Bond Street
Dauphin, MB R7N 3J7

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