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September 15, 2013

A Story To Inspire All Genealogists

A Story To Inspire All Genealogists
This is an endearing story that should inspire all genealogists. A Passion for History is the story of the journey one woman took into genealogy and helping others.

"What started as a way to entertain guests at a 50th anniversary party has turned into a lifelong passion for Rose Marie Hulse." sums it up.  Her family tree chart done for that Aniversary party for her parents was the first of what I like to call "the Domino Effect". 

One thing led to another. Rose joined a genealogy society in Nebraska. Then she joined the Nebraska State Genealogy Society. Eventually she organized and founded the Fillmore County Genealogical Society. 

Eventually Ms. Hulse began recording cemeteries and her transcriptions turned into published books.

Read more at A Passion for History

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Anonymous said...

A lifetime of memories. It's addictive. I love the quote 'I just enjoyed looking things up!"