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May 25, 2014

Sharing Memories Week 21: That Scary Exciting First Dance

Join us for Sharing Memories - A Genealogy Journey We focus on memories of our parents, grandparents and others. We write for our children and grandchildren, that the memories are not lost over time. I hope you are keeping a journal, whether it is private or public, and joining us as we write our memoirs.

Today's prompt is "Your First Dance". Do you remember it? Who was it with? Where were you? Was it romantic or did the palms of your hands sweat so much you were embarrassed? 

I was 13 when I first danced with a boy. It took place at a High School dance the first month of Grade 9. I was so nervous going to the dance! I didn't know if anyone would ask me to dance and back in those days girls did not ask boys! Also I was tall for my age and girls never danced with or went out with boys who were shorter. But most of the boys I knew were not as tall as me. 

But I went. And a very cute older boy asked me to dance. I was nervous but so excited at the same time! We had a lot of dances together but then he found out I was only 13. It turned out he was in Grade 12 and there was no way he was dating a Grade 9 girl, especially a 13 year old. 

Nonetheless I had a fun time and didn't feel like a wallflower!

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