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November 13, 2014

Jan Corneliszen Damen In The New World Part 4

Several years ago I wrote an article for publication in New Netherland Connections. it was about my ancestor and 9th great-grandfather Jan Damen who left Bunnik Netherland for the New World of New Netherland (present day New York state) in the mid 17th century. Jan settled in Long Island New York and married Sophia (Fytie) Martens.

My article Jan Corneliszen Damen In The New World was published on pages 47-56 of Volume 4, number 2 (May 1999) as a companion piece to another article called The Nephews of Jan Jansz Damen by Dorothy Koenig and Pim Nieuwenhuis in Volume 4, Number 2 May 1999 pages 36-39. The two nephews discussed were Jan Cornelisz Buys (aka Damen) who had three wives, 1) Eybe Lubberts, 2) Phebe Sales, and 3) Willemptje Thyssen; and his first cousin (my ancestor), Jan Cornelisz Damen, who married Fytje Martens. 

Five Members of the Utrecht Brotherhood of Jerusalem Pilgrims by Jan van Scorel ca 1541
Far right: My 13th great grandfather Jan Damen 1515-1569,
2nd great grandfather of Jan Damen 1638-1707 
Five Members of the Utrecht Brotherhood of Jerusalem Pilgrims
painting by Jan van Scorel ca 1541
I have decided to republish the first 3 pages of my article here on my Olive Tree Genealogy blog.  I hope that descendants of Jan and other genealogists enjoy this story of Jan's life in New York. This is the last episode - Part 4, continuing on from Part 1, 2 and 3.
Jan Corneliszen Damen In The New World

by Lorine McGinnis Schulze
As John Damon [sic] and Seytie Damon of Broockland [sic], Jan and Sophia conveyed land to Gerratt Middagh on 15 December 1693[1] This was a small section of a larger portion of land at the Wallabout, which, on 10 May 1695, "John Damon of Wallabout and Fitie his wife" deeded to William Huddlestone of New York. Jan and Sophia deeded all except the six acres which had previously been deeded to Gerrit Middagh in 1693.[2]  On 2 May 1696, William Huddlestone and his wife Sarah deeded John Damon [sic] the same property described above.[3] Jan was approximately 60 years of age and it is possible he was selling land for money to support himself and Sophia.

Jan Damen appears in the 1698 census for "Brookland" Kings County - with his wife, four children and one slave[4] That the Damen family owned slaves is also indicated by  the town of Flatbush census for 1698 where James Simpson, Jan's son in law, has four slaves. In this same census for the town of Bushwick, Jan's sons-in-law Michael Parmentier and Pieter Uziele appear - Michael owning two slaves and Pieter none.

            In 1701 Jan and Sophia stood for the last time as baptismal sponsors  -  at the christening of Jannetje, their granddaughter by their daughter Lysbeth Schermerhorn.[5] Jan Damen voted at a town meeting in Flatbush, New York on 19 Jan. 1703, 1704 and again on 12 Aug. 1704.[6] Between the summer of 1704 and  the spring of 1707 Jan died - his age somewhere between 69 and 72.

His was probated on 20 June 1707 but he had died prior to 9 April 1707, as indicated in a deed of that date made by Michael Parmentier and wife Neeltie Damen.[7] This deed is very important in helping to determine the children of Jan Damen and Sophia as it named the following sisters of Neeltie and their respective spouses:

"Martha Simpson, of Flatbush; Pieter Uziell and Cornelia, his wife, of Dutchess Co.; Samuell Phillips and Aelkie, his wife, of New York; Lucas Skermorhorne and Elizabeth, wife, of Dutchess Co.; Frans Konin and Selia, his wife, of Dutchess Co.; Philip Casier of Richmond Co. heir to his mother Lyshie; Russia Damon of Flatbush; To Daniell Remsen; said Neltye, Martha, Cornelia, Aelkie, Elizabeth, Selia, Lyshie and Russia being daughters and co-heirs of John Damon [sic] late of Flatbush, deceased." [8]

[1] LISr: Book No. 2 of Conveyances, Brooklyn Kings Co.: p. 343 John Damon [sic] and Seytie Damon of Broockland [sic], his wife, to Gerratt Middagh of same place, conveys lott of ground greatt 3 morgan dutch measure, bounded East side by land of Garrett Couwenhoven, on the other side after the land of John Damon, and before alongst the meadow begining from a black oake tree from the side of Garrett Couwenhoven towards said John Dimon [sic], in breadth 17 rod until it comes to three morgan dutch measure, dated 15 Dec. 1693 - signed in the presence of Rutgard Huggen De Kleuyn, Jacobus Vandwater. Rec'd Decr. 23, 1693. Henry Filkin, Justice
[2] ibid: p. 69 In this deed both Jan and Sophia sign, he by mark. Witnesses were Paul Richards, Manus Burger and Peter Ziene [sic] [This is Pieter Uziele aka Ziele, who married Cornelia Janse and Fytie Damen] The deed was acknowledged  before Stephanus Van Cortlandt in New York, 29 May 1695, and recorded there June 11 by William Sharpas, Clerk and Rec'd in Brooklyn, Aug 23, 1695 by Henry ffilkin, Reg.
[3] ibid: p. 93. Both signed the deed. Witnessed  by Thomas Adams and Samuel Philips [Jan's son in law]. Acknowledged in New York before William Beeckman, Justice, May 2, 1696 and in Brooklyn before Henry ffilkin, May 2, 1696. Rec'd same day.
[4] DHNY: Kings County, NY 1698 Census Townships: Brooklyn, Bushwick, Flatbush, Flatlands, Gravesend, and  New Utrecht. Volume III, pp. 87-89
[5] RDCNY. 1883 V14:4. 1701 29 Oct; Lucas Schermerhoorn, Lysbeth Damen; Jannetje; Jan Damen & wife Sytje Martens
[6] KCo. P. 83.
[7]  LISr. Wills p.100. Deed dated Apl. [sic] 9, 1707 by Michael Parmentier of Duchess Co. and Neltye his wife.
[8] Here is proof of two daughters with the same name (Elizabeth or Lysbeth), one called Elizabeth, the second Lyshie - both alive at the same time. Elizabeth was married to Lucas Schermerhorn; Lyshie to Jan Casier. Frans Konin is Frans LeRoy - his French name meaning "King" is recorded as the Dutch version of "King" [Koning] Russia is the child baptised as Risjen. Martha is Marte, who married first Jan Remsen and secondly, James Simpson

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