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April 7, 2016

Are Any of These Bones Your Ancestors?

The Museum of History in Ottawa Ontario Canada and the Registrar of Burial Sites is calling for relatives of anyone who believes bones found in two historical burial sites to come forward.

"Inside the Collections Room on the 5th floor of the museum, open only to those who work there, are the remains of 19 people:  adults, children and newborns that were discovered along Queen Street a couple of years ago during the construction of the LRT.  Then, in December, the remains of two more people were found just behind the building at 62 Sparks Street." [CFRA News Talk Radio]

Archives show a cemetery in the area that was once the corner of Bytown's Barrack Hill, where canal workers and their families were buried. The bones are to be re-interred.

Read more at Digging up the past: what we are learning about those who helped build the Canal from their remains

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