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January 4, 2017

Can You Believe 6 Generations All Alive?

A 4-Generation Family
Some of us might be lucky enough to live long enough to become great-grandparents. But 96 year old Vera Sommerfeld of Lethbridge, Alberta, Candaa, just became a great-great-great-grandmother! That's right, she is the head of 6 generations of living females.

The youngest is baby Callie born in October 2016. Her mother, Alisa Marsh, is 20. Grandmother Amanda Cormier is just 39, and Grace Couturier became a great-grandmother at 59. Great-great-grandmother Gwen Shaw is 75.

I have family photos of 4 generations living but no more than that. On the left is a photo taken in 1958 of my niece (my brother's daughter), my grandmother, my mother and my brother - 4 generations.

Read the story and see pictures at Alberta woman becomes great-great-great-grandmother


Marian B. Wood said...

Wow, wonderful that all 6 generations are alive! Happy new year and looking forward to your posts in 2017.

Mary Buchholz said...

5 generations from my dad is the Revolutionary War -- isn't that amazing... Ferman Leroy CLARKSON b 1918 > Ferman Mason CLARKSON B 1880 > William Johnson CLARKSON b 1837 > Benjamin Franklin Clarkson b 1791 > James CLARKSON b 1749

Anonymous said...

I stopped thinking a few hundred years was a long time when I started genealogy.

Anonymous said...

I am 75 and a gr-gr-gr uncle 8 times now and about 50 or so gr-gr- nephews and nieces. The oldest gr-gr-gr- niece is 13 years old and if she should marry and have children at 19, 20 years old, I would be a gr-gr-gr-gr- uncle which is just 7 years or so away! This nices and nephews are through my oldest sister's family. My sister was 20 years older than me

Anonymous said...

We had 6 generations for a long time. Then my grandmother died, and now we have 5 generations.