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October 19, 2008

Abstract Indexes to Deeds - an Explanation

I've talked about Ontario Land Grants before on Olive Tree Genealogy Blog. They are an amazing resource but often overlooked by researchers.

There have been quite a few questions recently about Free Grants of Land in Ontario as well as curiousity about the Abstract Indexes to Deeds on a mailing list I am on.

So I wrote up what I hope is a helpful explanation for each topic, including examples and a list of where you get these records.

The new pages are online at Abstract Indexes to Deeds The Abstract Indexes to Deeds are the indexed record of every transaction on a plot of land from Crown ownership to the present day. Abstract Indexes were created 1865-1866 according to new legislation and were retroactive to the patent on a property, meaning they went back to when the land was first owned by the Crown before it was sold or granted to individuals

The new page I have online explains what you might find in the Abstract Indexes, how to use the Abstracts, where to find them, and provides a graphic example for a better understanding

You can also start at Land Records in Ontario

There are links provided there for the new pages. The Land Records page provides details of

* Free Grants
* Land Petitions
* The Canada Company
* Crown Land Grants
* CLRI (Computerized Land Record Index)
* Abstract Indexes
* Assessment Records
* Township Papers

and more..

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I took your advice and secured a FHC film to research my Humberstone twp family. I was so disappointed to find the page blank - (correct concession #, lot #, county, etc.) In fact the next page was also blank, and the following page had one entry regarding a Sheriff's sale of 4 acres. Can you explain?