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October 18, 2008

A Day Late & A Dollar Short? Freaky (oops FUN) Friday and I'm It!

Kathryn Lake Hogan tagged me to participate in a Freaky (I mean FUN) Friday post of getting to know all about me... Okay I know it's not Friday but I figured better late than never!

Apparently I am supposed to list 25 things you may or may not know about me - arranging them in 5 topic groups of 5 each. 5 jobs I've held, 5 places I've lived, 5 snacks I enjoy, 5 things I doing 10 years ago, and 5 items on today's to-do list.

After jotting down a few items, I realized how dry and uneventful my life has been! I've never had an exciting job like working for the circus.

I've never lived anywhere exotic like Tibet. And I mean, really - who cares about where I lived? Do you honestly want to read about 5 towns or villages or cities I've lived in? I assure you, it's a boring dull list!

And 5 snacks I enjoy? Unless you plan on sending me some of them, why would you care? By the way, I do have a birthday coming up in November in case any reader does care to send me something that is on the list....

By the time I got to 5 things on today's To-Do list, it was snoozeville. So at the risk of losing the few readers I have for this blog, here goes!

Ten years ago I:

* Was a lot younger than I am today
* Had fewer aches and pains
* Was marrying my third husband (aka sweetie)
* Was teaching High School boys who couldn't be in regular school
* Was wishing I was lived in or near Salt Lake City so I could research my family tree every day

Five places I have lived:

* a Haunted House with resident spirit
* a non-winterized cottage on the shores of Georgian Bay - with a one year old child and no heat, no running water and no insulation
* a scummy apartment in a very bad area of Toronto
* the upper floor of a house in the Italian district of Toronto
* a home we designed and built ourselves in the country near Georgian Bay

Five jobs I have had:

You've got to be kidding! How can I choose which 5 of the many I've held? I can't. Apparently I have been less than focused on one specific career. So prepare to be asleep by the time you get to the end of this list

* Library Assistant in Ajax and Toronto Public Libraries
* Waitress - immediately apparent this was not a good careeer choice as on the first night I spilled a full plate of food (turkey, potatoes, gravy and vegeys) on a buxom woman's chest
* Keypunch Operator - anyone care to date themselves by admitting they know what a Keypunch is?
* Coin counter for a Vending Co.
* Bookkeeper in Mortgage Co. in the Big City aka Toronto (I was 19, it was my first full-time job, and I got fired. Not an auspicious start...)
* Teacher of Special Needs Students
* Child Care Worker for Kinark Social Services
* Nursery School Aide
* Tutor for High School Math
* Receptionist for a Dental Office
* Bookkeeper in Opthamalogist office
* Questionaire Writer for Market Research Co.
* Genealogist
* Maid, nurse, secretary, washerwoman, cleaning lady... oh wait, that's called wife and mother!

Five snacks I enjoy:

* Hagen Daz Coffee Ice Cream
* Lays Potato Chips with Kak's Chip Dip
* Hagen Daz Coffee Ice Cream
* did I mention Hagen Daz Coffee Ice Cream? But I don't think you can mail this successfully
* Tim Horton Dutchies

Five things on today's To-Do List

* Continue working on Missing Friends Newspaper Extracts
* Convince sweetie he should make dinner
* Respond to several dozen e-mails
* Go into town for groceries and try to resist the Hagen-Daz Coffee Ice Cream
* Mail presents to grandchildren whose birthdays I missed when I was sick

Here are five genea-blogger buddies I am passing this on to.

* my friend Illya of Genealogy Today News Centre
* Brian aka sweetie of Ancestors At Rest Blog
* my friend Kathi of Ancestor Search Blog
* Rick Crume, who tagged me in January 2007's Tag You're It!
* my new-found cousin Thomas of Destination Austin Family

1 comment:

Kathryn Lake Hogan said...

Greetings Lorine,
U R 2 funny! And BTW, I am interested in the details, which is why I tagged you. Now, I know that when (not if) we meet and go to Tim's, you like Dutchies.