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November 18, 2008

November Ancestor Most Wanted - Elizabeth Jamieson nee Shuart (Michigan & Ontario)

Elizabeth Shuart was born about 1801 in New York or New Jersey. At some time she settled in Upper Canada (present day Ontario) and married James Jamieson from Ireland.

The only confirmed census records I have found for Elizabeth is the 1851 census for Flamboro West, Wentworth County Ontario. The family consisted then of

* James Jameson, 65, b Ireland, cooper
* Elizabeth 50 b United States
* James 16 b Ontario
* Lydia 14 b Ontario (my ancestor)
* George 10 b Ontario

Elizabeth and James disappear after 1851.

George Henry Jamieson

This past year I found George Jamieson in Michigan. I discovered his middle name of Henry which fits my theory that Elizabeth Shuart Jamieson was the daughter of Henry Shuart (more on this below)

In 1870 George Jamieson is in Austin, Sanilac, Michigan and next door is his brother James Jamieson

In 1880 George is Boone, Wexford, Michigan

In 1900 and 1910 George is found in Peninsula, Grand Traverse, Michigan. In both these census records he states that his mother (Elizabeth Shuart Jamieson) was born in New Jersey. Strangley in 1920 in the same location he says she was born in England which is not correct, so quite likely someone else in the household provided the information to the census taker.

George states in census records that he immigrated to USA from Canada in 1863 or 1864 which means he should be somewhere in the 1861 census in Ontario. I have not found him.

George's death record shows the following:

George Henry Jamieson
Birth: 17 Mar 1843 - Canada
Death: 18 Sep 1929 - Peninsula, Grand Traverse, Michigan
Spouse: Emily Squire
Father James Jamieson
Mother Elizabeth Shuirit

James Jamieson Jr.

Now for the contradictions: In 1880 James Jamieson (brother of George above) is found in Chase, Lake, Michigan. He says his mother (Elizabeth Shuart Jamieson) was born in Pennsylvania.

In 1900 James is found in Amber, Mason, Michigan. Here he claims his mother's place of birth was New York.

In 1910 and 1920 James is in Ludington Ward 1, Mason, Michigan and again states that his mother was born in Pennsylvania.

James gives his year of immigration as 1860 and 1861 in various census records but I have not found him in any census for those years in either USA or Canada. I believe I have found him enlisting in the Civil War in a Michigan regiment as a Private on 14 September 1864 at the age of 26.

Lydia Jamieson Vollick

George and James' sister Lydia is my direct ancestor and she married Isaac Vollick sometime before 1858. She is found with Isaac in the 1861 census for East Flamborough Tp Wentworth County and I have a good record of their lives up to their deaths near Hillsdale, Simcoe County Ontario in 1917 (Lydia) and 1904 (Isaac)


Rumour has it that Elizabeth Shuart Jamieson remarried a Hunt after her husband James Jamieson's death. I find an Elizabeth married to a Daniel Hunt in the 1881 Census for Hamilton, Wentworth, Ontario, Canada
Daniel HUNT 77 born USA Occ: Builder
Elizabeth HUNT 80 born USA

But I have no proof it is my Elizabeth and I have not yet found a death record for an Elizabeth Hunt.

I also find Daniel in the 1871 INDEX to the census for Hamilton but do not have the full record to see if he is married to Elizabeth and if there are more clues to be found there. If anyone has access to the census microfilm and look this up, here is what you need to find this record

District: HAMILTON ( 024 )
Sub-district: St. Patrick's War ( E )
Division: 2
Page: 61
Microfilm reel: C-9927

What I want to find

I want to find Elizabeth Shuart Jamieson. What happened to her after 1851? There is a $50.00 reward for anyone who can find Elizabeth after that 1851 census.

I am also interested in finding her origins. Was she, as I believe, the daughter of Henry Shuart and Rachel De Graw?

Did Elizabeth have siblings Joseph Shuart born ca 1790 who married Christina; Lydia Shuart born ca 1794 NY or Pennsylvania who married first Job Skinner and second James McGarry; Margaret Shuart born ca 1798 NY or Pennsylvania who married Adonijah Taylor; and Hiram Shuart born ca 1810 possibly in Pennsylvania who married Catherine Alice Skinner? All of these individuals settled in Ontario

Anyone who can find proof of Elizabeth Shuart Jamieson's whereabouts after 1851 can earn $50.00. Proof of her parentage or place of birth also wins $50.00.


Christina said...

Hi there,
Well, certainly can't give you any info that would allow me to win the $50.
However, I am descended from Margaret Shuart who married Adonijah Taylor.
I received info from an elderly relative (since deceased) who told me Margaret was born Oct 1798 in the US and parents were Henry Shuart and Rachel DeGrow. But no info on any brothers or sisters.
Sorry about that, but it's nice to find someone researching the same roots.
Best regards,

Christina said...

I was finally able to discover what happened to the files of the elderly relative.
I have found something you might find VERY interesting.
Please contact me.
Best regards,

Peggy Large said...

Christina and Lorine

I too am related to the Taylor/Shuart family. I'd be dancing if you found out who the parents of Adonijah Taylor were. Lorine do you know if any of the girls married into the Smoke or Reyecraft families of Aldershot?