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November 10, 2008

When Does the Fun Start?

The word prompt for the 7th Edition of Smile For The Camera is Oh, Baby! Show us those wonderful family photographs of babies, or those you've collected. Share the ones that are too cute for words, or those only a mother could love. Your favorite of grandma or grandmas' favorite. Grandpa on a bear skin rug or grandpas' little love. Everyone has a baby photo, so let's see it!

Choose a photograph of an ancestor, relative, yourself, or an orphan photograph that is the epitome of Oh, Baby! ...

I couldn't resist this challenge. I am the Keeper of the Photographs in our family. Every time someone passes away or moves, their boxes of old photos, albums of treasures and documents galore end up in my home for safe-keeping. I've lost track of how many old family photos and slides I have now but soon I'll need a room just for them.

I also collect old photographs (Civil War era is my favourite) and have almost 3000 CDVs (Cartes de Visite), hundreds of Cabinet Cards and tintypes. So you can imagine what choices were available to me for a cute/funny/atrocious baby picture!

It's ironic therefore that my final choice was this 1973 photo (originally a slide - remember how popular those were?) of my oldest son meeting his grandparents for the first time.


wendy said...

Was he yawning, trying to smile, "talking"? That's so cute! I love the hat!

Genealogy Blogger said...

It was a huge yawn, complete with sounds! The hat was because it was his first Christmas and I thought it was so cute.

T.K. said...

Aw, Lorine, you'll have to rerun this one again next month because that's the cutest little stocking stuffer I ever saw! ;-)