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December 9, 2008

Genealogy Stocking Stuffer For My Father

Photo courtesy of Annie Tobin.

The 8th Edition of Smile For the Camera: Stocking Stuffer asks us to "Show us that picture that would make a great Stocking Stuffer and tell us whose stocking you'd stuff."

The photo above is a framed early photograph of Sarah Tobin nee McGinnis, sent to me this year by a descendant, Annie Tobin. Sarah was the sister of my 2nd great grandfather Joseph McGinnis. On the back in period handwriting is written the town where Sarah was born - Katesbridge in County Down Ireland. For over 25 years I have searched for this information on where our McGinnis family originated.

My father was consumed with curiousity about this and he often spoke of wanting to know our origins in Ireland. My father died on Christmas Day when I was 13 years old and so I am stuffing his stocking with this photo. I know how happy this would have made him.

1 comment:

Velda said...

What a bittersweet story. Thank you for sharing. It's a gorgeous photo. I hope your dad is smiling down on you.