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August 30, 2009

Pocket watch returned to family - after 130 years at sea

A silver pocket watch which lay at the bottom of the ocean for almost 130 years is finally being returned to the family of its owner. Rich Hughes, a diver, spotted the watch in the sand as he explored a shipwreck sunk off the Welsh coast.

After bringing it to the surface, he saw the words "Richard Prichard 1866 Abersoch North Wales" engraved on the casing. Mr Hughes told how he started to trace the family of ship captain Richard Prichard to hand over the heirloom.

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It gives us all hope! Can you imagine the thrill of receiving that phone call telling you that one of your ancestor's treasured family heirlooms had been found and was being given to you? Especially thrilling because you would not even have known the item existed! Wow!

So here is my request - if anyone finds my 4th great-grandfather Jacob Peer's bible would you please send it to me, no matter what kind of condition it is in? Jacob was born circa 1730 (birth place unknown), married Anne (surname unknown) and lived in New Jersey then Upper Canada (Ontario) where he died ca 1810-1815. So if you find his bible, think of me!

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