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November 3, 2010

Flip-Pal Mobile Scanner, Best Thing Since Sliced Bread

Flip-PalMy Flip-Pal Mobile Scanner arrived yesterday. 

So today I gave it a test run. Let me jump to the end before I give you details -- I LOVE IT!

It was well packaged for its long journey to me in Canada. I was impressed with how lightweight it is and yet it looks solid and well-made, nothing flimsy looking about this scanner at all.

The instructions are on a little fold-out card and very simple and easy to follow.

It comes with a USB Adaptor for moving your scans from the Memory Stick (just like the one your digital camera has) to your computer - in case you haven't got a Memory Stick slot.

When you first turn the Flip-Pal Scanner on (it comes with batteries installed, how nice is that!), the Viewing Window walks you through setting the date and time. Simple. And yes, the Viewing Window is of neccesity small but even I with my very bad eyesight, can see the words and pictures just fine.

I grabbed an assortment of old family photos just to give the Scanner a test run.

It was super easy to set a photo on the scanning window and then push the green button on the side. Bingo - done!

Your scanned photo appears in the viewing window so you can make sure you've got what you want. Then you simply insert a new photo and push that green button again.

The bluish tinge you see here is a function of my camera, not the actual scan.

When I was done scanning, I popped out the Memory Stick from the Flip-Pal Scanner and inserted it into the USB Adaptor which I then plugged into a USB port on my computer.

Immediately I saw a window on my computer which gave me options as to what I wanted to do. I chose to use the built-in program (Flip-Pal Toolbox) that was offered, and clicked on that. Lovely! A very easy to understand window popped up with various options including registering my scanner (for a full year's warranty).

But first I chose the option BROWSE SCANS. They popped up just as items do in Windows Explore and I was able to quickly select all and move them to a folder on my C drive. Then I selected all again and deleted them from the Memory Stick.

The scans were of very good quality and I'm pleased with them. The photo on the left is my grandmother and two of her siblings in 1912. All in all I have only positive things to say about Flip-Pal Mobile Scanner .

I'll be putting it to more tests as soon as I can get to my 87 year old Auntie's place. She has a ton of old family photos that I'm drooling over but she won't let them out of her sight! So now's my chance to visit and scan away without those precious photos ever leaving her apartment.


WhitePineLane said...

Thanks for the exciting review - I hadn't heard of it before! It's on my wishlist now!

Tex said...

OK. You convinced me. I ordered one. (You should ask for a commission)

Ginger Smith said...

Thanks for the review. I will have to check it out!

Claudia said...

wow...looks yummy! Thanks for sharing!

Julie Goucher said...

Looks great, but is it available in the UK? to investigate!

Tonia said...

Great review. . .I want one of these so much!

Hilary Gadsby said...

I want one of these but I live in UK and they don't seem to be available here yet

Anonymous said...

Okay this wraps it.

I'm going to gift myself with one.

Loved the review.

Carol Jackson said...

Only just discovered the scanner, so wish we could get it from the US, live in Australia

Olive Tree Genealogy said...

Carol -
Often online stores won't ship to me in Canada so I have a friend in USA who lets me have items sent to him then he sends them on to me.

Do you have someone in Canada or USA who you can get to do that for you? You do end up paying more for shipping but for me it's worth it to buy the items I want

Anonymous said...

Visited my sis-in-law last wk who had the old photos of her family. Scanned off & on for 3 days-even some of her scrapbook pages by laying the scanner on top of sections. Tons of stuff now to download to computer. Very easy so far!

Anonymous said...

Thanks to your smashing review I am more eager for my Flip-Pal to be delivered (in the next day or so - I hope)

Craig said...

Australia: Available through either Gould Genealogy or Socity of Australian Genealogists, Kent St. in Sydney. They just got a delivery 22nd Dec, 2015. Got mine today. Looking forward to testing it.