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November 2, 2010

Let's Send a WW2 American Marine's Dog Tags Home!

Craig wrote to Olive Tree Genealogy about a WW2 American soldier's dog tag he has. Craig would like to send the dog tag home to the soldier's family.

Here is Craig's note:

I too love "happy-endings." To that end; my father recently passed away after 90 years. He'd served in the Pacific with the USMC from January '41 through the end of the War. In his belongings I found a dog-tag for T. H. Stull. I seem to recall dad talking about "Tom" (fondly) and that he may have been from Texas - but that is a dim recollection. I'd love to send this Tag “home” - if anyone has ideas. The tag reads:

T. H.
T. 12/44

Can you help find T. H. Stull's descendants? Let's send this dog tag home! We've had success with other dog tags belonging to American soldiers, as well as two other miscellaneous lost and found family treasures. With the great team of sleuths reading this blog, I think we can do it again!

Here are the cases my wonderful readers have worked on (and in several cases - FOUND A DESCENDANT!)

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I'd love to add T. H. Stull to the "FOUND" category


Olive Tree Genealogy said...

Your Growing Tree left a new comment on the post "Let's Send a WW2 American Marine's Dog Tags Home!":

LORINE'S NOTE: I've removed the addresses of his son and daughter as they may be living and not wish such information posted online. If anyone wishes to pursue this further please contact me for the addresses. Here is the note from Your Growing Tree:

I found this obit, I am not sure it is him...but I am posting it just in case-

10-23-1999 Cincinnati Enquirer

"Thomas N. Stull, 79, formerly of Dayton, Ky., died Monday in McKinney, Texas. He was a Marine Corps veteran of World War II.

Surviving are a son, Bill Stull of xx; a daughter, Jackie Glusac of xx.; eight grandchildren and six great-grandchildren. He was preceded in death by his wife, Betty Rose.

There is no visitation or service. The body was cremated. The Turrenntine Funeral Home in McKinney is handling arrangements.

Memorials can be made to VFW Post 9167, P.O. Box 601, Princeton, Texas, 75407. Walter Stegeman FORT THOMAS"

Your Growing Tree comments that the VFW post may have memorials that are helpful.

Suzie Henderson said...

Lorine, I live one county over from McKinney, so dropped a note to Turrentine, Jackson, Morrow Funeral Services in McKinney and included a link to this page re: T. H. STULL.

I asked them to let us know if they did NOT think this was the correct family AND to please put the family in touch with us if they thought we were on the right track.

I gave them the option of replying to me or contacting your directly.

Suzie Henderson
TXFannin GenWeb

Becky said...

Has this been returned to the family yet?

Olive Tree Genealogy said...

Becky, this is still an open case. you can always check the status of our Found ID Tags by clicking on the tab "Soldiers Dog Tag Cases"

I hope that Suzie's visit to the funeral home (thanks Suzie!!) will pay off.

Finger crossed!

Robert Burkhead said...

On I came across a Thomas H. Stull, service number 340585, which matches the number on the dog tag. The record is a "List of Nonenlisted passengers of U.S.S. Wright". The sailing date was 4 Jul 1942, and both the port of origin and destination were listed as "Classified". His rank was Private First Class.

Entry for Thomas H. Stull, [probable service no.] 340585, list of nonenlisted passengers for the USS Wright sailing on 4 Jul 1942 from a classified origin to a classified destination, "U.S. World War II Navy Muster Rolls, 1938-1949," database and images, ( : accessed 13 Dec 2011); citing "Muster Rolls of U.S. Navy Ships, Stations, and Other Naval Activities, 01/01/1939-01/01/1949", Records of the Bureau of Naval Personnel, Record Group Number 24, National Archives at College Park, College Park, MD.

Danielle said...

In regards to the obit in the first comment, I went to to try and find the obituary myself. Their search apparently refers to the SSDI, but there is no "Thomas H." in the list. The entry that most likely corresponds with that obituary is for a "Thomas W. Stull" instead:

Jan 28, 1920
Oct 18, 1999 [making him 79, as per the obituary]
Last residence: 75407 (Princeton, Collin, TX)

Could there be a typo somewhere?

Search link:

Unknown said...

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Lorine, I live one county over from McKinney, so dropped a note to Turrentine, Jackson, Morrow Funeral Services in McKinney and included a link to this page re: T. H. STULL.

Uncle Mike said...

T. H. Stull was my uncle and has been dead for almost 50 years. He died after he was hit by a car while walking home at night. He had no children and my mother and Uncle Bill inherited what he left. My sisters and I would like to have the dog tags to put with the rest of the family memorabilia. Contact info:, 714-458-4935
James M. McCleery