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May 14, 2011

The DNA Journey - Update on my MtDNA Test

On May 10th I mailed my completed Family Tree DNA kit. Yesterday I received an email saying the kit has been received. Now I wait. If I recall it took a month or more for my brother's Y-DNA test results.

I took the MtDNA test for my maternal lineage. I know my maternal ancestors back to England in the late 1700s so it will be quite interesting for me to learn more about the very early origins of my maternal DNA.

The MtDNA test traces from either a man or a woman back up the mother's lineage, following the mothers (maternal) one generation at a time. So for me it goes like this:

My mom
My mom's mom (my maternal grandmother)
My maternal grandmother's mother
and so on

Let me demonstrate with names

My mom
Ruth (my mother's mother Ruth Simpson)
Sarah #1 (Ruth's mother Sarah Stead)
Sarah #2 (Sarah #1's mother Sarah Elvery)
Hannah (Sarah #2's mother Hannah Elvery)
Mary (Hannah's mother, Mary Ansell born 1771)

That's as far as I know. Will my MtDNA results give me my ancestors' names? No. But it should give me a glimpse into the earliest geographical origins of this female line. It may link me to others who descend from the same lineage.

My MtDNA test will tell me what haplogroup I am in. A haplogroup is the major branch on either the maternal or paternal tree of humankind. Haplogroups are associated with early human migrations and are associated with a geographic region or regions.

I am honestly not sure what other information I will find from this test, but I'll take you on my journey as I discover more.


Sherry - Family Tree Writer said...

I'm looking forward to learning more! I have asked my brother if he will do the tests for the male side, and he has agreed, so we just need to get it done!

Sherry - Family Tree Writer said...

I'm looking forward to reading about what you learn! My brother and I are considering doing this!

Neil said...

Hi Lorine

I'm currently researching my Elvery heritage which goes back to about 1600 (including a Sara at about that time and one again later)in Kent, England. It is our understanding that they were originally Hugenots from France/Belgum. Several branches migrated here to Australia in 1852.

I am interested in any data you get to confirm a migration from France/Belgium to England.



Genealogy Blogger said...

Neil - I would like to chat privately with you. My Sarah Elvery and her husband William Stephen Stead left England to settle in Australia in 1867. Sarah died in Sydney Harbour and after 6 months, William returned to England leaving behind two of his sons with his brother. There were Elvery relatives there as well as Stead. Let's talk! Use my email address found on this blog

Genealogy Blogger said...


Forgot to to give you a URL to the full story of Sarah Elvery Stead"

Anonymous said...

Hello - just found this and my name is Sarah Elvery...
I live in Toowoomba, Australia and a fair bit of my family history is in Queensland. There are a lot more Elvery people roaming this earth..and it's a name that you don't find everywhere! If you need a hand with the 'tree', would love to help...and also know more myself.