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July 22, 2011

Finding a Family Tree on With Only a User Name

I often see questions about how to find a Family Tree on when all you know is the submitter's Ancestry UserName. Here's how you do it:

1. Search the Ancestry Member Directory at the Community pages at

2. Click the tab labelled BASIC INFORMATION

3.  Fill out the field labelled USER NAME and click SEARCH

4. In the results, find the user name you want and click on it. A list of their family trees, message board posts and a way to contact them pops up.

5. Click on the family tree you want to view

Have fun!


Unknown said...

Thank you. I have to say, they should make that a lot more clear on their site. Also, it doesn't work on the mobile site;,there is no "basic information" tab.

opsmgrMT said...

Do you have an update to this? It seems like some users have the trees listed, and some don't.