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October 11, 2011

An Unexpected Trip Down Memory Lane

Last week hubs found a huge tub in the barn marked with my youngest son's name. So he brought it into the house for me to sort. To my surprise it was full of items I'd packed over 15 years ago, and forgotten I had!

Public Speaking Trophy
What a treasure trove - trophies awarded to my son and his deceased father, school workbooks, newspaper clippings involving either my son or his father back to 1980, stories written and put into book format from Grade 2, and other assorted treasures.

I've had a fun weekend scanning most of the items and putting the originals in protective holders in my son's Family Book (a binder with original documents).

I plan to give my son the book and the trophies whenever he indicates he's ready for them. Hopefully they will be preserved, treasured and passed on to his children. He seemed pretty excited when I told him about the find.

And yes, I thoroughly enjoyed re-reading his Grade 2 stories of aliens and zombies and other assorted monsters destroying earth.

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The Grandmother Here said...

Beware of clutter-free daughters-in-law.