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August 20, 2012

Evernote Tutorial: Creating a New Notebook in the Evernote Mobile App

Evernote is something I can't live without. I use it daily, in fact, several times a day. I clip recipes I find online. I use Evernote to save receipts for online purchases. I make point form notes of ideas for future genealogy blog posts.

If you're familiar with Evernote you know it's easy to create a new notebook on your computer or laptop. Just click on FILE then in the dropdown menu you choose New Notebook. Simple!

But I often use Evernote on my iPhone and frequently need to create a new notebook directly in the Evernote Mobile App. It's not easy! There's no selection that allows you to easily create one! I've spent days trying to figure out how to do this on my iPhone using the Evernote mobile app.

After finally figuring it out yesterday, I want to share the how-to with my readers. It's definitely not intuitive, it's rather confusing, it's certainly tedious and I hope the developers will create a simple icon choice for creating new notebooks in the mobile app. But meantime, here's how can you do it.

1. Start a new note by tapping the blue + button

2. After you create a note (mine is called TESTING) select the pencil (edit feature)

3. Select the little "i" symbol

4. Select the Notebook icon

5. Type the name for your new notebook in the field that says "Find or Create a New Notebook"

6. Your notebook name will pop up and beside it is an icon with the word "Add".
 Choose this then hit SAVE.

You've got a new notebook now which will automatically sync to your other devices that have Evernote - such as your computer, laptop or iPad

 I'll be writing more tutorials on using Evernote over the next few weeks so watch for them here on Olive Tree Genealogy blog.


Andrea said...

Although you said this process could be tedious, I think it's a great time-saver. Thank you for posting.

Valerie said...

Thanks for saving me sometime in figuring it out for myself.

Becky Higgins said...

Thanks for the information. Next time I need this I can remember it:) If I do, it will same me lots of aggravation.