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September 18, 2017

Was Your Ancestor in Debtor's Prison?

Here is another database I stumbled on for Yorkshire England. It is the website for York Castle which housed a debtor's prison. There is a brief history of the prison, the environment of the prison, a few prisoner biographies, and a few turnkey (guard) biographies.

By going to York Castle Family History Section you can search for an ancestor who was in the prison, either for debt or for criminal actions. Not all prisoners are listed as the database currently has prisoners from the 18th Century. I'm looking for William Elgie who I know was there in 1818 so am out of luck this time but it's a fascinating database with over 5000 names!

There is a very nice factsheet for tips on how to track down any missing prisoners and I am planning to use it find more on William if possible. I was able to find that York Castle Museum holds miscellaneous records from York Castle prison, including "Notebook with notes on various prisoners in York Castle, extracted from 1803-1868".  Next step is to write to them and ask how/if I can access these records.

September 17, 2017

Nursing Sister Philips WW1 Photo Album 61 V

This Photo Archive consists of a small autograph album (6.5" by 5.25") kept by Constance (Connie) Philips as a memento of her time serving as a nurse during World War One.

 Hopital auxiliare (2). St Germain en Saye.  1 Editih Griffin 2 Mdm Suffier 3 Alice Griffin

The majority of the photos and items are from 1915, when she served as a nurse in France and Britain.

The album and all photographs, postcards, and other ephemera contained in the album belong to Karin Armstrong and may not be copied or republished without her written permission. The images will be published on Olive Tree Genealogy with permission.

Each image has been designated an "R" for Recto or a "V" for Verso plus an album page number. Recto is the right-hand side page of a bound book while Verso is the left-hand side page.

I will be posting the entire album and my additional research on the individuals identified in Connie's album over the coming months so please check back frequently to view these historic photos. The easiest way to see what has been published is to click on the topic "Nursing Sister WW1 Photos"

September 16, 2017

Church Plans to Dig Up 400 Graves

Over 400 bodies are known to be buried under a parking lot in Hamilton Ontario.  Richard Beasley, an early settler, is one of those buried there.

Christ Church Cathedral now plans to dig up the graves, identify them, and re-bury them so that they can build a 12-storey condo.

“It’s time that we stopped parking on top of those people,” said the Very Rev. Peter Wall, rector of Christ’s Church Cathedral, in a presentation to councillors Wednesday. “They need to be released from asphalt hell.”

The graveyard opened in 1832 and 20 years later it was closed. Many headstones were moved at that time but the bodies were left behind. The Cathedral has gathered and saved 24 tombstones which they are storing in the church basement.

From a personal viewpoint, many of my Peer ancestors as well as my Burkholder ancestors died in the Hamilton area in the early to mid 1800s. I am hopeful their remains will be found and identified.

Continue reading the full story at Hamilton church aims to dig up hundreds of graves from ‘asphalt hell’ for condo tower

Credit: Image of Christ Church Cathedral in Public Domain found on Wikipedia

September 15, 2017

Lockwood Descendants - Here's a Family Bible

With thanks to Annette P., Olive Tree Genealogy is pleased to share this page from a bible belonging to the Lockwood family.

These are BIRTHS in the left-hand column.

Obediah Johnson Feb. 26, 1788
Anna Shelden May 21, 1789
John B. Johnson Sept. 1, 1810
Lucy Johnson Oct. 10, 1812
Frances Johnson Dec. 31, 1814
Angeline & Emeline Nov. 25, 1817
Robert G. Dec. 2, 1821
Abel Douglas March 2, 1824
Reuben Oct. 1x, 1826

The right-hand column appears to be the marriage of Sylvester Lockwood b June 9, 1807 and Angeline Johnson b. Nov. 25, 1817 with a list of their children underneath. I have listed their names and years of birth below but the image provides full detail of date of birth.

Cornelia M. 1838
Martha Jane 1840
James 1842
Frank 1844
Irena 1847
Stephen 1849
Elizabeth 1851
Charles Herbert 1854
Willis 1858

I have another page from this Lockwood family bible and will be posting it here on Olive Tree Genealogy blog soon.

You might also like to check out the blog Family Bibles for more bible genealogy records.

September 13, 2017

Mary Facey Elgie Photo Album p 10

Another great candid shot! These photos were taken in the 1920s and I love how often family members got together. It looks like they had a lot of fun too.

Here we have Sarah Trucksell, Margaret Facey, Mary Elgie (mother, meaning Mary Louise Facey Elgie, the mother of Florence Elgie who owned this album), and Aunt Edith Facey

September 12, 2017

Stevensen, Jacobsen, van Brakel (and more) Descendants Won't Want to Miss This!

Steven Janse was baptised in October 1617 in Nijkerk, Gelderland Holland. A search of church records revealed the names of his parents and grandparents, as well as siblings. These records are all included in this book. In 1636 when Steven was only 18, the Bubonic Plague struck and most of his family died.

Steven and his wife Maria Goosens arrived in New Netherland circa 1648. By 1655 they were living apart and eventually sought a legal divorce in 1663. BOth remarried and Maria had one more child - a son born illegitimately, his father unknown.

Their stories and their descendants to 3 generations are all discussed in this book which is fully sourced with over 250 footnotes. Some of their descendant surnames discussed are Stevensen, Jacobsen, Coning, van Fulpen, Matthews, van Brakel, Erwin, Sebra, Roberts, Darkens, van Veen, Schouten, Fell, Borsie, Kloppers, vanderVolgen, Anderson, Smock, Gleave, Charlton, Pasco, Maurits and Cuyler

 I've published a 118 page book on these families called New Netherland Settlers: Stevensen & Jacobsen: A genealogy to three generations of the descendants of Maria Goosens and her husband Steven Janse and a man named Jacob (Jacobszen Family) (Volume 5)
Available on , and Createspace

September 11, 2017

Calling Van Valkenburg Descendants!

Official Seal of New Netherland
Are you a Van Valkenburg descendant? I am.

My 9th great-grandfather Lambert Van Valkenburg was born in the Netherlands circa 1614. With his wife Annetje Jacobs, Lambert sailed for the New World of New Netherland (present day New York state). 

From his son Jochem Lambertse Van Valkenburg, there are 10 recognized branches of the Van Valkenburg family (one for each of Jochem's children with his wife Eva Vrooman) and I descend from two - his son Isaac Jochemse (with wife Lydia Van Slyke) and Isaac's sister Jannetje Jochemse (with husband Isaac Van Alstyne)

If you too have Van Valkenburg (and variant spellings) ancestors, you might be interested in our Van Valkenburg Facebook Group 

Also take a peek at the information I researched and published online at at Lambert Van Valkenburg in The New World

I also wrote three books on the Vollick and Follick descendants of Lambert Van Valkenburg. They are: 

From Van Valkenburg to Vollick: The Loyalist Isaac Van Valkenburg aka Vollick and his Vollick & Follick Children (Volume 1) 

From Van Valkenburg to Vollick: V. 2 Cornelius Vollick and his Follick and Vollick Descendants to 3 Generations 

From Van Valkenburg to Vollick: V. 3: The Loyalist Storm Follick and his Follick and Vollick descendants in North America

Records found for Lambert indicate he was in New Amsterdam as early as Jan. 1644. Since it is unlikely the ships sailed in the winter, he was probably in New Amsterdam in the summer or fall of 1643. Existing records indicate he purchased land in July 1644. That 1644 plot of land  is now the site of the Empire State Building in New York City.

29 July 1644: Deed. Jan Jacobssen to Lambert van Valckenburgh, of house and plantation on the island of Manhattan, near Fort Amsterdam. [Register of Provincial Secretary Vol. II p. 121] [Source: Calendar of Historical Manuscripts in the office of the Secretary of State, Albany NY edited by EB O'Callaghan]

16 March 1647: Patent. Lammert van Valckenborch; lot south of Fort Amsterdam, Manhattan Island. [Land Papers Vol. G.G. p. 192] [Source: Calendar of Historical Manuscripts in the office of the Secretary of State, Albany NY edited by EB O'Callaghan]

Court records are a wonderful resource. Those of us with ancestors in early New Netherland are lucky for the Dutch kept meticulous records. It was a litigious time period and settlers were frequently in court suing their friends and neighbours. Lambert is found many times in the court records for New Netherland. Here is one of the more volatile examples:

Source:"Minutes of the Court of Fort Orange and Beverwyck 1657-1660", translated and edited by A.J.F. Van Laer, Vol.2, Albany, 1923. Page 9:
"Ordinary Session held in Fort Orange, January 9 Anno 1657

"President, J. La Montagne, Rutger Jacobsen, Jacob Schermerhoorn, Andries Herbertsen, Philip Pietersen

"Lambert van Valckenborch, plaintiff, against Henderick Claessen and Gerrit Willemsen, defendants.The plaintiff complains that the defendants beat him and his wife in his own house. The defendants deny it and claim that the plaintiff chased them with a naked rapier out of his house and pursued them to the center of the fort. The court orders the parties respectively to prove their assertions."

In 1659 Lambert was appointed to the Rattle Watch. The Rattle Watch was responsible for walking the streets at night, watching for crimes or fires and from 10 p.m. to 4 a.m. they called out the hour every hour as well as ringing their rattles.

Source:"Minutes of the Court of Fort Orange and Beverwyck 1657-1660", translated and edited by A.J.F. Van Laer, Vol.2, Albany, 1923: Page 209-210:"Extraordinary Session held in Fort Orange, August 8 Anno 1659

"Instructions issued by the honorable commissary and magistrates of Fort Orange and the village of Beverwyck for the rattle watch, appointed at the request of the burghers to relieve them of night-watch duty; to the rattle watch of which place Lambert van Valckenborgh and Pieter Winnen were appointed the 6th of July of this year 1659, on condition that they together are to receive for the term of one year one thousand and one hundred guilders in seawan and one hundred guilders in beavers.

Read more about Lambert from the Court Records online at Lambert Van Valkenburg in The New World This was first published as "Lambert Van Valkenburg: His Life in the New World as Revealed in Court Documents and Other Primary Source Records From 1644 - 1664" by Lorine McGinnis Schulze in The National Association of the Van Valkenburg Family of America serialized beginning in the Fall of 1999