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September 12, 2012

Genealogy Treasure No. 7: Land Deed 1901 Winter-O'Ray

This is the seventh set of documents in the batch I purchased at an antique store in Kingston Ontario July 27, 2012. For details, see Found! Treasure Trove of Land Documents from Ontario Canada

Winter O'Ray Land Deed 1901
 This is a Deed of Land dated 28 February, 1901 between David Winter, the younger, of Richmond Township, Lennox & Addington Co. and Mary Ella his wife, and Charles O'Ray.

The witness is Stenographer Gertrude Elizabeth Walker of Napanee.
A sum of $2,225.00 exchanges hands for the East 1/2 of East 3/4 of Lot 16, Concession 6, Richmond Township
Lorine's Research:

A preliminary search on reveals that  in the 1901 census for Richmond Township, David Winter, 39, and his wife Mary E., 31, lived beside Charles O'Rae [sic] and his wife Margaret, both age 50. Both men were listed as farmers.

More documents will follow as I scan them and extract their details. Clicking on the label Lennox-Addington Collection will allow you to see all that have been published on Olive Tree Genealogy blog.

 If you are a descendant and would like to see these records, they are now with Lennox and Addington County Museum and Archives,
97 Thomas Street East,
Napanee, Ontario
K7R 4B9

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