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October 6, 2012

Case No. 15: Lester Lorfing of Texas, WW2 Dog Tag

Olive Tree Genealogy received another request for help finding descendants of a WW2 soldier.  One of the  missions of Olive Tree Genealogy is to reunite found items such as  Dog ID Tags, Medals, etc of soldiers with their descendants. To date my readers have worked on many cases and been successful in reuniting several soldiers' dog id tags with family members.

Here is the email for Case No. 15, Lester A. Lorfing

My husband found a US dog tag in our garden. We live on Lake Garda Italy. I gave the dog tag to my brother, who lives in the UK. The name is Lester A Lorfing and the serial no. is 38250774 T43 A P
I believe he died in 1999 in Texas, Wharton County.
My wonderful readers have a terrific track record in solving these lost and found Dog ID Tags and I'm hoping we can all jump in to this case and send Lester's Dog Tag home.

Please post your findings and ideas in the comment section of this blog post but remember if you have private information on living individuals (such as phone numbers or addresses) to send it privately to me at

I did a bit of research already and found the marriage record of Lester and Inez Hoegemeyer in Texas in 1946 which led me to Inez Lorfing's online obituary. There is a great deal of information in this which may help with finding their sons.

We could also trace Lester's siblings and their children in case the sons cannot be found or have no interest in Lester's WW2 Dog tags.


Ed Hamilton said...

Do you want the names of the living sons here in the comments or emailed to you? If emailed, contact me through my contact page on my website.
I have Donald so far, but I hesitate to paste addresses, & phone #.

Ed Hamilton said...

to help find Lester's siblings:
Birth: Aug. 9, 1921
Death: Jul. 14, 1999

Lester A. Lorfing son of Henry and Martha (Rode) Lorfing.

Ed Hamilton said...

For Lester's siblings. Anita C Lorfing married, so I don't know if the woman in NJ was her or not.

Quoting from her sister Lorene's obituary.

"Preceding her in death were her parents; sister, Anita Christina Brown; and brother, Lester A. Lorfing."

I'll email you the obit. It gives Lorene's survivors. Two nieces of Lester.

I wish the ones we got on went this quickly :)

Olive Tree Genealogy said...

I have just had an email from Lester Lorfing's son! Here is what he wrote (he tried to post a comment here but it didn't work)

I am David Lorfing, one of Lester Lorfing's sons. I just saw the info on your website about my father's dog tags. He did serve in WW II in Italy. How can we make contact with the people who have the dog tags? I would like to get them in possible. If the info is correct, someone in the UK has them. We plan to got to the UK next year. Please let me know. I am extremely interested.

Tim L said...

Hello my name is Tim Lorfing and I believe my uncle David Lorfing tried to inquire about my Grandfathers lost dog tags. I would love to try to follow up on his request as we would love so much to retrieve them. It would mean a great deal to me and my family. I am actually trying to put together a display of his military items I have his medals and the flag from his casket, the dog tags would be an amazing addition to that display.