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October 15, 2012

WW1 Photo Album Archive: Page 5

 Continuing on with my WW1 Photo Album archive here is the fifth page.

We're still in WW1 era and there are 5 photos glued on to this page. 
 Uncle Ern, my grandmother's brother, may very well be in this photo but I haven't spotted him as a definite. It's a cavalry unit, no doubt the same unit we saw Ern in previous photos.
 This looks like my aunt Lily and if it is her, the photo was taken ca 1916. But it could also be Ern's little girl Edith who died at the age of one year in 1911.

 This is Auntie Cordie (Ern's wife), Ern, and their daughter Doris. Doris was my mom's cousin and it was Doris' home that these albums came from. Doris was born in Toronto in 1910 and lived in the same house her entire life.
 This is Auntie Cordie. She was born Cordelia Mary Cook in Ramsgate, Kent England in 1885 to parents Henry Stephen Cook and Priscilla Edith Curtis. Cordie's mother died in 1889 leaving her motherless until her father's remarriage to Rose Dugwell in 1891.
I don't know who this couple is.

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