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October 2, 2012

Save $ and 7 Great Uses for a Flip-Pal Mobile Scanner

What can you do with a Flip-Pal Mobile Scanner? Lots of reader ask this question. Well, I'm going to share seven things I've done with mine over the past year. But before I do, you might want to order your own and save $20.00 until December 31st. 2012

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Seven things I've done with my Flip-Pal Scanner in the last year:

Instant Photo Border

Creating a Family Recipe Booklet
2. Scanned family recipes in a loved one's handwriting and created a treasured family recipe booklet
Scanning with 87 year old Auntie
3. Visited an older relative to scan their photos

Take Flip-Pal to a Museum
4. Taken Flip-Pal to a Museum and scanned documents

5. Been a Flip-Pal Couch Potato and scanned family photos while watching TV.

Documenting Civil War Photos

 7. Archived a collection of WW1 Photo Albums


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