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January 25, 2013

23andMe DNA Test Kits Arrive

Olive Tree Genealogy: DNA Tests from 23andMe
My 23andMe DNA kits arrived yesterday. I ordered three - one for my brother (for Y-DNA), one for me (for mtDNA) and one for my husband (for Y-DNA)

We've already had our DNA tested at Family Tree DNA but we wanted to try another company and see what kind of results we get. 23andMe focuses on genetic health issues and that's intriguing. But I'm also interested in their

Previously I have written about my brother's Y-DNA results from Family Tree DNA
at Family Finder Test Results in for my Brother's DNA! His Predicted Haplogroup is I-M223.  Quoting from the website, this Haplogroup
"...has its roots in northern France. Today it is found most frequently within Viking / Scandinavian populations in Northwest Europe and extends at low frequencies into Central and Eastern Europe."
It's been really interesting reading up on this and finding out more about our McGinnis paternal line ethnic origins, especially since my brother's Y-DNA showed a mutation that scientists know exactly where and when it occurred! Turns out it was around the time Hadrian's Wall was built between England and Scotland and his gene mutation is known to have come from a group of Basque at this time.

I also had an exciting update on our results for Native American heritage, which you can read about at Update on DNA Testing for Native American Heritage

My mtDNA results from FT arrived and I wrote about those at mtDNA Test Results Arrived!
My Haplogroup is J2a1a1a2  but I still don't completely understand my full results.

I'm hoping 23andMe will provide more interesting details. 

Follow along with me as I get ready to provide the test sample and mail it back to 23andMe


Your Genetic Genealogist said...

You are going to love the new Ancestry Composition feature. It has been successful in picking up small amounts of Native American DNA.

Anonymous said...

This sounds so intering, I do not think I can ever find our oldest living Ancester's origin unless through DNA. we have had DNA tests, but can not find mathes of same names. I do not understand all the different surnames that his brings up.

Anonymous said...

So very interesting, I do not believe our oldest known ancester, Richard Brindley 's origin will ever be found, except through DNA,
when I enter our DNA test, surnames different from his show up.I do not understand it,for Brindley,: Stanley, Brindle, westo ,etc, shows?