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December 26, 2013

New Year's Genealogy Resolutions for 2014

New Year's Genealogy Resolutions for 2014
Yep, it's that time again! Last year I reviewed my 2012 genealogy goals and decided I needed to set less lofty standards for myself! So I ended up with one goal in 2013 - to complete unfinished projects.

I listed 4 projects I wanted to clear off my desk and my mind. Here they are along with my review of how I did:

2013 Genealogy Goals - How Did I Do?

Number one: I completed a genealogical mystery novel after two years of hard work. After 7 edits, I sent it to my beta readers and they returned their manuscripts this summer with suggestions for improvement. Based on comments I only need to rework the first two chapters and it's done! That's going to be number one on my list in 2013.

Unfortunately this did not happen. I could make all kinds of excuses - I've had a bout of ill health that has been my top priority since March 1st (and still is) but the bottom line is my final edit is not done

Number two will be the book I started a year ago on Children's Genealogy Games & Activities. It is so close to completion that I am ashamed of myself for not finishing it months ago.

I  worked on this throughout October and November but it's not ready for publication.

Number three is a Family Genealogy book I intended to give to my new sister-in-law at her wedding to my brother.  I hate to say how long it's been sitting in Shutterfly, almost ready to publish. And now her sister wants to purchase two copies of it, sight unseen. That should be motivation for me to complete it!

Success! Done and given to my sister-in-law PLUS a second one on her family genealogy

Number four is the next volume of my book on the Peer Family of North America. I have done all the research and need only to compile it into the various volumes then self-publish them.

Partial Success. The next two volumes are completed and are in the final editing stage. So I had some success but could not accomplish all my goals. With my various health issues and workload, it was just too much. That's difficult for a high-achiever like me to admit. I'm the student who was never happy with "just" an A. It had to be A+ or it felt like I had not tried my best. For the coming year I have decided I will have to be content with carrying on with the uncompleted 2013 genealogy goals. One step at a time. Hope that my health issues will lessen or be resolved, and plug away at one project at a time. I think basically I can sum my goal(s) up with this sentence:
I plan to start in on one project and stick with it until it's completed. Easier said than done for someone like me! I tend so jump around from project to project. As one becomes tedious or begins to bore me, I work on another one for awhile. But I am convinced I have to change that for 2014.


Michigan Girl said...

Good for you for writing down your goals. And even more so for giving us the run down on you progress. You have given me incentive to set some goals. I'll make them small, so I can maybe succeed. I'm like you and can get easily sidetracked.
Good luck in 2014.

Brandi L said...

I feel your pain! I have the same problem with doing multiple projects at once. I get bored and move on to something new and then I jump back and forth between them. Stuff eventually gets done but it seems to take forever. I think it's like genealogy ADHD or something. Lol. Best of luck to you in 2014

Debbie said...

Great job! I'm impressed by your progress and want to purchase your #1 and #2 when done! (Motivation?). Thanks for sharing!

Lorine McGinnis Schulze said...

Thanks Debbie - that IS motivation!

Lorine McGinnis Schulze said...

Michigan Girl I am glad it's not just me :-) It's so hard to stay on track :-(

Lorine McGinnis Schulze said...

Brandi I LOVE it -- Genealogy ADHD! LOL!!