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January 7, 2014

How Did I Do?

Where My Readers Are From
For the last 3 years I've set a goal to write every day on my blog. I'm pleased to say that last year (2013) I made my goal with a total of 379 blog posts.

That's a huge increase from my very first year of blogging in 2003. That year I wrote 12 blog posts! Here's my number of posts each year since then:

  • 2013 (379)
  • 2012 (407)
  • 2011 (423)
  • 2010 (316)
  • 2009 (263)
  • 2008 (192)
  • 2007 (114)
  • 2006 (17)
  • 2005 (86)
  • 2004 (26)
  • 2003 (12) 
And for those interested (as I am) in statistics, the graphic above shows where Olive Tree Genealogy blog readers come from. Pageviews refers to how many blog posts were read by genealogists and other interested individuals in each country. 

This year I have the same writing goal - to publish a daily blog post. But this year I am asking you, my readers, if there is any topic you would like to have me cover. Is there anything that you want to know more about, or you think would be an interesting discussion topic?  I'll do my best to make sure your topic of interest is one of my posts in 2014! So please, leave your suggestions and ideas in the comment section of this blog post. 

I've already got a few topics listed in my 2014 Blog Calendar which is where I jot down ideas for future blog posts. But I've got lots of empty days that might be perfect for a topic you want to see discussed or explained.


Bernita Allen said...

I am impressed by your numbers. I enjoy reading the stats. Congratulations on meeting your blog goal. Continued success. I am thinking of a topic, will return with one soon.

Lorine McGinnis Schulze said...

Looking forward to your idea(s), Bernita

Anonymous said...

I'm only a recent reader of your blog, but I found it by searching for your Dutch research (being familiar with your article on the Pier and Ostrander families). I just started researching my own New Netherlands ancestors during the past year. I'd love to see more posts on Dutch ancestors, New Netherlands in general, or common roadblocks and solutions in research of Dutch ancestors.

Lorine McGinnis Schulze said...

Hi Justin - thanks for the suggestions. I've actually got 2 blog posts planned for this month that have something to do with New Netherland.

I will work on a few other ideas for blog posts on Dutch ancestors. Meantime I hope you saw the following topic choices (right side nav bar on my blog) with the number of posts for each

New Netherland (38)

New Netherland Settlers (4)

Dutch (2)
Dutch American Heritage Day (1)
Dutch Genealogy (10)
Dutch Handmarks (3)
Dutch Heritage (1)
Dutch History (1)
Dutch West India Company (1)

Just head to the main page of my blog and look WAY down on the right hand side for clickable links to these topics.

But do watch for the 2 I have planned for January and I'll figure out some more to add to the mix.

Anonymous said...

Hi Lorine, Thanks for the reply. Last year I found a lot of published material on my Dutch ancestors, but it seems like some of the families have not been well researched, so I still have much to learn on this front. So I'll be sure to read through the posts categorized under the Dutch/New Netherland links, and I'm looking forward to the other upcoming articles as well!