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February 11, 2014

Celebrating 11 Years of Olive Tree Genealogy Blog!

Celebrating 11 Years of Olive Tree Genealogy Blog!
Happy belated 11th Birthday to Olive Tree Genealogy blog! I missed the actual birthday on February 9th but am pretty excited to announce that I've been publishing this blog for 11 years now! My first year (2003) I only write 12 posts, averaging one per month. That seems almost ludicrous to write one post a month now that I publish every day.

In fact I set a goal in 2010 to write a daily blog post. I didn't quite make it that year but am really happy to say that I've surpassed my goal for the last 3 years.

Every year I do a little better, write a little more. Here's the number of blog posts I've published for each year since 2003.

►  2013 (379)
►  2012 (407)
►  2011 (423)
►  2010 (316)
►  2009 (263)
►  2008 (192)
►  2007 (114)
►  2006 (17)
►  2005 (86)
►  2004 (26)
►  2003 (12)

My most popular blog post was about the release of the 1921 Canadian census with 4000 reads. Another popular one was the post I wrote about how to understand your DNA results. It had over 2000 reads! 

Sharing Memories is the most popular page on Olive Tree Genealogy blog with over 10,000 views of the prompts I post to encourage genealogist to record their own memories before they are gone forever. 

My readers come from all over the world which totally amazes and thrills me! Here's a list of the countries and the number of times someone in that country has read one of my blog posts. Pretty amazing and I am so grateful that you care enough to read this blog! 

United States
United Kingdom

Without my wonderful readers there would be no point to this blog. And so I thank you for allowing me to write and most of all for reading and commenting on my posts! Please join me while I blow out the 11 candles on my cake to celebrate another happy year of genealogy writing.


Andrea Kelleher said...

Happy Blogiversary! 11 years of blogging is amazing. I haven't even made it to 3 yet. Here's to many more years of wonderful blogging!

CallieK said...

Happy Birthday! I certain enjoy reading your blog and have gained a lot of knowledge from your postings!

Jackie Corrigan said...

Happy Blogiversary! Always enjoy your posts.

Yvonne Demoskoff said...

11 blogging years - what an achievement! Congratulations, Lorine!

Jana Last said...

A wonderful accomplishment! Congratulations and Happy 11th Blogiversary!

Jana Last said...


I want to let you know that your blog post is listed in my Fab Finds post today at

Have a wonderful weekend!

Julie Cahill Tarr said...

Wow, 11 years!!! Congrats, Lorine!