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June 14, 2014

Home District Land Claims 1803 & 1804 - Corrections to Faulty Content List Part 2

Home District Land Claims 1803 & 1804 - Corrections to Faulty Content List Part 2
HD 1140 Image 392
Canadiana.Org has digitized 21 films of the Heir & Devisee Commission Papers (Heir & Devisee Commission papers 1797-1854, found in their Heritage Collection), and that's a good thing for genealogists. These records have valuable and informative genealogical documents.

But as mentioned in a previous blog post Heir & Devisee Commission 1797-1854 on - Listing Errors and a Workaround, the index and description of what is in each film, as provided on, is incorrect.

I have been going through those digitized records to create a working corrected Finding Aid. You may view the corrected content lists on Olive Tree Genealogy website at Heir & Devisee Commission 

While scrolling through microfilm H 1140 in order to correct's flawed content description, I came across a set of Land Certificates and other documents from individuals living in what was called the Home District. This consisted of land along Lake Ontario and the Niagara region of Ontario.

Home District Land Claims 1803 & 1804 - Corrections to Faulty Content List Part 2
HD 1140 Image 396
Continuing on from  Home District Land Certificates 1787 to 1795 and An index to Niagara area Loyalists and their Land Certificates here is the second set of my list of names of claimants for land in the Home District from 1803-1804. Each name has an image number beside it so that you can easily click through to that image to view the claims and any supporting documents. The start of these names can be viewed at Home District Land Claims 1803 & 1804 - Corrections to Faulty Content List

Images 250–253 is the index to claimant names. These images have lists of names of claimants. Note that often it is the attorney's name on the index and not the petitioner or claimant. The claimants' names can be viewed in my list below.  Please also note that I cannot guarantee my interpretation of the names in these documents. The writing is often difficult to read or the image is blurry. 

The following images are the actual certificates, claims and other documents

  • Image 342-344 James Clark, Niagara Town, William Cooper
  • Image 345 William Cooper
  • Image 346 Isaac Dey Gray, York
  • Image  347-348 John Haacke, Markham
  • Image 349 William Hollingshead 1803
  • Image 350-352 Michael Herts/Kerts/Kock, Vaughan Township
  • Image 353 Andrew Sabine? Whitchurch
  • Image  354-358 George Lubick of Markham, Henry Femmerfelt, Anna Margaretha Dingel nee Tinem named as mother-in-law of George Lubick, Heinrich Fummerfelt 1804, Anna Margaretha Dingel of Markham, George Labick
  • Image 359 Miscellaneous letter
  • Image 360 James Macaulay, York Twp 1802
  • Image 361 Sophia Temple nee Kahman of Markham, 1804
  • Image 362 Ann Hahman, late Ann Tempel wife of John Henry Kahman of York Town
  • Image 363-372 William Gillespie, Elisha Dextor, Abraham Orr
  • Image 373-379 John Peter Ernest of Markham 1803
  • Image 380 John Rum-h-
  • Image 381 Eli Kayter
  • Image 382 Parshall Terry, York twp
  • Image 383-385 Peter Miller, York Twp
  • Image 386 John Henry Bulger of Markham, Peter Miller
  • Image387 Michael? Walker, Addington Midland District
  • Image 388 Michael Grass
  • Image 389-390 William Walker, U.E.
  • Image 391-392 William Walker, George ___ Stuart
  • Image 393-394 John Perry? Addington
  • Image 395 John Perry, Pickering Twp, 1803
  • Image 396-397 Peter Robinson 1803
  • Image 398 Christopher Robinson, Peter Robinson

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