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June 28, 2014

J. L.McFarland WW2 Dog Tag Found - Let's Return it to Family (Case #21)

J. L.McFarland WW2 Dog Tag Found - Let's Return it to Family (Case #22)
David Kirkpatrick from Redlands, CA found a dog tag inside an old cabinet he purchased.

 J.L. McFarland's dog tag:

"I recently acquired an old File Cabinet from the Redlands High School in California.  The school is located near the old Norton Air Force base (San Bernardino, CA) and several members of the Air Force stationed at the base lived in Redlands.  When I Iooked at the back of the cabinet, it was marked with Property of Air Force, Department of the US Army.

While Cleaning the file cabinet I found a WW2 era dog tag that I would like to return to the family if I can find them.  I tried the NARA records, but the SN came back with no records so I fear it was destroyed in the 1973 fire.

J L McFarland
38479621  T43   A

(religion was marked as P for Protestant)

According to the second digit of his serial number "8", J. L. McFarland  enlisted in one of these states:  NM, TX, AR, LA or OK

If you can help find this soldier or his family, please leave a comment on this blog post. You may post about possible living individuals but in that case I will copy any private information to my file on J. L. McFarland instead of making it public. You can also email me at olivetreegenealogy AT gmail DOT com.

I know my amazing readers can do this!

Update June 29th: This soldier's name is Junior Lee McFarland and he passed away in 2009. Thanks to an amazing reader, we have his nephew's name and contact information. 


True Lewis said...

Learned something new about the numbers. I carry my Dad's on my keychain. I hope his Family is Found.

Emma Compton said...

I wonder if contacting the Norton Air Force Base Museum or posting this article on their facebook page: would help find any family?

Anonymous said...

T43 means he had a tetanus shot in 1943. His blood type was A. The style of this tag was used from July 1943 to March 1944. I checked NARA databases using his serial number and didn't find anything.

Olive Tree Genealogy said...

Emma - thanks for the suggestion. I joined, and posted at both the Museum page and the Alum page on Facebook.

Fingers crossed!

Olive Tree Genealogy said...

Thanks for the info re Tetanus and blood type, Anonymous

Anonymous said...

JL McFarland - died 2009, family found and will be contacted.

Megan Heyl said...

Lorine, THANK YOU! I am at a loss for words to show my appreciation for locating this for me. A special thanks also to your readers and those who just poked around to find this family. Blessings to you all. With sincere thanks - Megan Heyl - Hunting Down History

Unknown said...

Sounds like a relitive of my grandma her mother was a McFarland in and around that same area

Unknown said...

My grandmothers mom was a McFarland glad u got found this