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June 16, 2014

Who Are You Kathleen Nellthropp?

Who Are You Kathleen Nellthropp?While going through my mother's cousin Doris Simpson's photo albums, I came across this set of photos. They are of a woman called Kathleen Nellthropp and were taken in Kent England. I do not know how, or even if, Kathleen is related to our Simpson family.

The photos appear to have been taken in the late 1920s and  1930s.  One is dated 1928 and a second one 1938. A search of shows only one Kathleen Nellthropp that seems to fit, and that is Kathleen Alice Nellthropp who was born ca 1908. 

In 1911 she is found in Lewisham with parents William and Alice Nellthropp. In 1954 she married Cecil Laver but that is where my search ended. She appears in dozens of Electoral Registers before marrying Cecil but is a mystery beyond that. 

I found it interesting that Kathleen lived with her parents, but after her mother's death in 1953 (her father having died some years previously), this 46 year old spinster married less than one year later. Was Kathleen the dutiful daughter who cared for her parents in their declining years? 

Kathleen & her mother who I think was Alice Peacock


Dana Leeds said...

Really interesting! I hope you uncover the relationship or are able to locate family members who'd be interested in seeing those photos.

Danielle said...

I found this genereunited messageboard query with more information about the Nelthropp's (one 'l'), and one person's information stated that her husband may be 'Cyril' instead of 'Cecil'. Perhaps this will help shed a little light...

Virginia Allain said...

Great idea to feature them here, in case some descendant is searching for her.

Unknown said...

My name is Tara Nelthropp and I am writing as I believe Kathleen Alice Nelthropp is my paternal grandfathers first cousin. I have not yet shown these photos to him to see if he recognises her but was thrilled to come across this and put a face to the name.
Thank you so much for sharing online and was just wondering if you held any additional photos or information on her?

Olive Tree Genealogy said...

Hi Tara

I hope it turns out you are related. What I put online here is all that I have.