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September 24, 2014

Another Year of Ontario Vital Statistics Registrations Added!

Another Year of Ontario Vital Statistics Registrations Added!
New records on include one more year of Ontario Vital Statistics Records. Now you can search 1928 marriages, 1913 births (I'm anxiously waiting for 1914 for my father's birth registration!) and 1938 deaths.

I'm very excited about this new year of records, but be aware that there are indexing errors. You may need to be creative, use wildcards, ignore first names and so on, in order to find an ancestor. Some errors that I spotted this morning in my own searches were:

"Percival" as "Persfuffal" and "Eileen" as "Celeen" and "Quebec" as " Iacbie" The images these were taken from were quite clear and legible.

That doesn't negate the value of the record set, but it does make searching them more of a challenge.



Diane Hall said...

Hi Lorine - I want to let you know that I have nominated you for the One Lovely Blog Award. I always enjoy reading your posts.

T said...

When the original is clear and yet the indexer has some Far Out spelling, I have to wonder if they speak English. Or did they have a bad day and are taking it out on ancestry?