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December 13, 2014

Brothers Reunited After 80 Years

What a wonderful story of two brothers. Ron Boyes, 83, was sent to Heage in Derbyshire when he was three, while his brother, Fred, 80, was taken in by a family in Banbury, Oxfordshire, when he was a baby.
They were brought up under their foster parents' names and were unaware of their true identities.

Even though they never knew each other growing up, both enlisted with the RAF at 18, played on the right wing for their football teams, married and named  a daughter Wendy.

Continue reading this heart-warming story at Long-lost brothers reunited for the first time in 80 YEARS after being fostered apart as babies

The  men are hoping to find two more brothers they believe were born to their mother Rosa Boyes. 

1 comment:

Dana Leeds said...

What an amazing story! I hope they find their other brothers.