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December 2, 2014

Kiss Me, I'm Irish!

I'm dancing for genealogy joy because I have Irish Catholic ancestors. Anyone else with Irish Catholic ancestors should likewise start rejoicing because all of Ireland's Catholic Church records are being digitized and going online!

Irish Catholic Church Records to go Online
Catholic Church
The National Library of Ireland is to give free online access to its Catholic Church records collection which date back to the 1700s. This will enable millions of people around the world to trace their roots in Ireland.

Previously the only way to view these records was at the National Library in Kildare Street, in Dublin. Summer of 2015 is the hopeful date for these church records to be online.

My 2nd great grandparents Joseph McGinnis and his wife Fanny Downey will be first on my list of searches in the summer of 2015. What will your first search be?


Claudia said...

Denis O'Rourke and Mary Griffith, his wife. First son was born about 1845 and my ggf about 1851.

Kat said...

Some of these records for Cork and Kerry or already available at for free

Dana Leeds said...

Nice!! Though I know I have some Irish ancestors, I haven't traced them back to Ireland yet. I'll be glad the records are there when I'm ready for them. Happy hunting!